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Coach Coachy McCoach.

One thing that many notable athletes have in common is a great coach/trainer behind them.

  • Tom Brady has Bill Belichick.
  • Rocky Balboa had Mickey.
  • And “Daniel-san” had Mr. Miyagi.

Yeah, I know the last two are movie references. Still works.

Basically, any athlete (real or fictional) can benefit from the wise words of a good coach, someone who can identify your shortcomings and give you advice to help you become better at what you do.

I wholeheartedly agree. And that is why after seven years of running, I’ve finally decided to hire an individual running coach.

While I’ve certainly improved since the first day I laced up my running shoes back in the fall of 2008, I feel I’ve kind of plateaued on my own in the last few years and some outside help might be just what I need to keep getting better and stay motivated. Read the rest of this entry


Now some of you seeing the title above might might think this post is about running in cozy shoes.

These are the jammies you're looking for.

These are the jammies you’re looking for.

Or perhaps pounding the pavement whilst (I love the word “whilst”…thanks Britain) wearing your favorite winter “jammies.”

You’d be mistaken.

NOTE: For the record, wearing jammies on a run would probably chafe something fierce in the nether regions.

Actually this brief tidbit is just about running in an environment that is both familiar and fun. The kind of run that gives you the “warm fuzzies.”

And for me, no running environment is more friendly or soothing to my sweaty soul than lacing ’em up and running with my running family: the gang at TEAM TO END AIDS (T2).

This week I did my first Saturday run of the season with T2, as we begin training for the 2016 Los Angeles Marathon (on Valentine’s Day). This will be my 7th time running LA with them.

As I hopped out of my car at Griffith Park at 7:00am, I smiled as I saw our T2 banners waving in the wind (at least they would have waved if there was any wind) and a sea of red shirts gathering by our regular meeting place. Read the rest of this entry


Hey Everyone,

Hail hail, the gang's all here. "Team Roadkill" posing for our weekly selfie.

Hail hail, the gang’s all here. “Team Roadkill” posing for our weekly selfie.

So my three week holiday/vacation/workfest reached its end and I’m finally back in Los Angeles (Lindy gets back tonight).

Needless to say my first few days back in town have been a blur. Friday was spent just getting my bearings. I had to deal with three weeks of accumulated mail/bills, oodles of unanswered e-mails, laundry, cleaning and taking down my Christmas decorations.

On Saturday I did my first run with my T2 gang in four weeks. Now while I did do some running on vacation, I was a little lax and I need to get back into the running swing of things. Oh, and battling a cold and some leftover jetlag didn’t make things any easier. Fortunately, we had just an 8-mile recovery run.

Next Sunday, I’ve got my first race of the year: The Star Wars Half Marathon down at Disneyland. It’s going to be a fun time and this padawan is looking forward to pounding some pavement in a galaxy far far away. Read the rest of this entry


Hi Trippers!

Run on with T2!

Run on with T2!

October 1st marks the start of registration for the Los Angeles Marathon. The date also signifies the start of something else… something very important to me.

Today is also the day I start my annual fundraising campaign for Team To End AIDS (T2), my running charity.

This will mark the 6th time I’ve trained for the Los Angeles Marathon with T2 and it’s something I look forward to every year.

Each week between Oct. 18th and March 15th (marathon day) I’ll be pounding the pavement with the T2 gang.

The runners, coaches and staff of Team to End AIDS aren’t just my friends… they are my “running family.”

T2 is a wonderful organization that raises money to assist APLA (AIDS Project Los Angeles) as they help people whose lives are affected by HIV/AIDS. Read the rest of this entry


Good luck finding this in Redbox.

Good luck finding this in Redbox.

Hey “Trippers!”

And no, this post is not about the George Burns/Charlie Schlatter “body switching” Freaky Friday wannabe flick from the 80s. I’ll wait while you check out IMDB to see if this movie actually exists or if I’m just making this crap up.


Anyway, yesterday I talked about doing my first “solo” long run (17-18 mile) of 2014 and few of my trepidations.

17 or 18 miles, what was it going to be?

Well, for those of you wondering (and if you were truly wondering, thank you, but you really should consider a different hobby), today was indeed an 18-mile jaunt around Burbank and in Griffith Park.

Read the rest of this entry


Got Garmin?

Got Garmin?

Just a quick post on this Sunday, as it is a beautiful day outside.

One week removed from the LA Marathon and I went for my first long run this morning. I would have gone yesterday, but since Friday night was my birthday and the libations were flowing freely, I opted to sleep in on Saturday morning and shift my weekly long run one day (I’m sure you approve).

I was wondering if I’d feel fully recovered or if there would be lingering stiffness with my legs (I was still feeling it a little on Thursday). This was also going to be my first solo long run of 2014, now that the T2 training program is done until October. Now for those of you wondering… YES, I signed up for the 2015 LA Marathon and the T2 training program on Tuesday, right after they put up the notice. And I’m clearly not the only crazy one as several of my T2 brothers and sisters have given their “thumbs up” to training again in the fall too.

Read the rest of this entry


Roadkill... pretty much how I felt yesterday around mile 22.

Roadkill… pretty much how I felt yesterday around mile 22.

Just a brief post today as I analyze, ponder and pontificate about yesterday’s LA Marathon. I’m thinking about what went right, what went wrong and how I’d do it differently if I had it to do all over again.

And still agonizing over that bloody heat.

I’m also going to do my best to avoid the “Post marathon blues” (it’s a real thing) as you come to grips with the fact that the event you’ve been training for and planning for months has now come and gone. The pictures are posted, and my newest race medal is up on the wall with his brothers and sisters.

The thing I’ll miss most now that the LA Marathon is over is not meeting up with my T2 family every Saturday morning for that week’s training session. I truly looked forward to seeing the gang from “Team Roadkill” and the rest of the T2 group as we hit the road together.

Read the rest of this entry


Team to End AIDS

We are T2!

Okay, so my runner’s OCD started kicking in yesterday and I’m sure it will be ramping up exponentially until the race starts on Sunday.

So, I’ve already started my race prep… tapering/hydrating, laundry done, gathering gear, reading instructions, checking on the weather and starting on a 5-hour music mix.

I’m on the fence as to whether or not I’ll hit the expo this afternoon or go Saturday morning. I’d prefer today, but it depends on the old work schedule.

Tonight I have the “Triumph/Carbo-load” dinner at Maggiano’s with my running group Team To End AIDS (T2). More on that and photos to boot, later.

But I wanted to start my prep by throwing out a number (as I’ve been harping on numbers all week). And it’s by far the most impressive number I’ll mention.


Read the rest of this entry


Just a quick bonus post today. I was perusing through the ASICS 2014 LA Marathon “Official Race Program” when I came across a surprising picture and article on Page 59. Click on the page below.


Get your program here!

There for all to see was a photo of my pace group (Team Roadkill) and I from Team To End AIDS as part of the article on the charity groups running the race. T2 is one of the official charity groups for the LA Marathon.

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Left my Superman shirt at home.

Earlier this week I wrote a post in preparation for the inevitable deluge that was sure to turn our final pre-LA Marathon taper run into a swim or at the very least an 8-mile game of “dodge the puddles.”

And sure enough, it did pour in LA this week. Between Wednesday and today, the City of Angeles has been subject to the heavens repeatedly opening up and inundating us with sheets of pounding precipitation. Of course the rest of the country would describe the cataclysmic cloudbursts slightly different… it rained.

All kidding aside, we needed the rain to help the drought conditions. So while we did get a nice drink of water, Los Angeles is still quite thirsty.

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Team to End AIDS

We’re the ones wearing red!

When it comes to family and friends, the old saying goes, “Blood is thicker than water.” Well, I’m not certain where sweat falls into that equation, but I bet it’s pretty damn important too.

With that said I, want to tell you about the runners, coaches and staff that make up T2 (Team to End AIDS)… my running family.

These are the people who I see during training season, week in and week out without fail. No matter what is going on in our lives, we get together each Saturday morning at 7:00am (sometimes 6:00am, oof) to talk, laugh, sometimes cry and to help others. And we also run… a lot.

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