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Hi Everyone,

Just a quick note today as I start to wind down my “Va-cay” in Florida. Last week the fine folks at REVEL sent me a personalized video highlighting my race at the inaugural REVEL Canyon City Marathon/Half Marathon in Azusa, CA.

Check it out:

Click to check out the Video!

Click to check out the Video!

And if you’re interested in pounding the pavement along with me at any of this year’s REVEL races, check out their website at

Have a good day and Run on!


Thumbs up...

Before things got hot!

Today’s 2014 Asics LA Marathon is run and done and looking back I can say three positive things about the race.

  1. I finished.
  2. I PR’d.
  3. I didn’t puke.

Now, refraining from vomiting is normally not among my main marathon goals, but given the race conditions, it was actually quite the achievement.

The other day I spoke about my goal of breaking the 5-hour barrier, unless my “best laid plans” went astray.

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Just a quick bonus post today. I was perusing through the ASICS 2014 LA Marathon “Official Race Program” when I came across a surprising picture and article on Page 59. Click on the page below.


Get your program here!

There for all to see was a photo of my pace group (Team Roadkill) and I from Team To End AIDS as part of the article on the charity groups running the race. T2 is one of the official charity groups for the LA Marathon.

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