Tripping The Kenyans is a blog for running nuts, created by a fellow running nut. Any topic even remotely related to running is pretty much fair game here.

Los Angeles Marathon Poster

Just a few disclaimers. This is a site for fun running banter. Any advice given out here is purely opinion and shouldn’t be considered medical, legal (or proper fashion for that matter) in nature. Let’s have fun y’all.

Again, this is a site about our love of running, so please limit your comments and discussions to those topics. I don’t care if you’re left wing, right wing or simply like buffalo wings… this is not a place to wax political.

While I strongly encourage debate about the discussion topics and articles (I even plan to stoke the fires from time to time with some controversial subjects), don’t be a D-bag. I won’t tolerate racist, homophobic or mean-spirited comments. If you can’t play nice, then you’ll have to go play in somebody else’s sandbox.

And please don’t use the site as your dumping ground for spam. It’s great that you make $40,000 a month from your home. I’m happy that you’re now debt free and you’ve also grown your manhood to monstrous proportions, but take that crap elsewhere.

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