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Be safe out there!

Hi Trippers!

Thanks to everyone who entered the RoadID “Always Bring Your ID” contest.

It’s important to be safe when you run, but unfortunately accidents can and do happen… so always keep your eyes and ears open whenever you hit the road.

But without further ado, the winner of the $35 eCard to RoadID is:

Marisa Pearson

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Run on.

Run on.

Bad things can happen.

To anyone. Anytime. Anywhere.

Without warning.

It’s a tough fact of life that we must face each and every day. Often our hobbies are attempts to escape from the reality that at times life can be unfair and even cruel.

And even our passions are not immune.

As the events that transpired at the Boston Marathon last year showed, sometimes tragedy is brought about willfully and with malice.

Other times… it just happens.

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Road ID

Tag, you’re it!

Here’s a bad joke.

MOM (to young son): “Are you going out?”

SON: “Yes.”

MOM: “Do you have on clean underwear?”

SON: “Why?”

MOM: “In case you’re in an accident.”

SON: “If I’m in an accident I’m going to poop my pants anyway, so what does it matter if they’re clean now.”

Like I said, a bad joke.

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Meg Menzies

Meg Menzies

In the short time I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve had a lot of fun telling my personal stories, giving out hints, race reviews and poking fun at something I love so dearly. I prefer taking a light-hearted and humorous approach to this and life in general.

But there are some things that irk me, make me mad or in this case utterly friggin’ pissed off.

I read a news story today and it made me want to yell to the heavens at the top of my lungs.

Yesterday morning Meg Menzies was out for her daily training run when she was hit and killed by a drunk driver. CLICK HERE for the news story.

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