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Is that a pledge pin on your uniform?

Whenever I hear the term “legacy” I immediately think back to the classic comedy ANIMAL HOUSE where Kent “Flounder” Dorfman tells the gang at Delta house that he’s a legacy and that they’re usually asked to pledge automatically. That is unless of course the pledge in question was a closet-case.

And now I’m reciting quotes from the film rapid fire in my head.

“Toga! Toga!”

When running races, however, being a “legacy” has a much different meaning. It’s not something you’re given, but rather something you earn by running a race every year (without fail) from its inaugural year up to the present.

Races that have been run for decades, like the LA Marathon or Peachtree Road Race, have their own legacy clubs. The Peachtree’s group is called the “Original 110” (guess how many members) and the LA Marathon has around 177 legacy runners who have pounded the pavement for all 31 marathons dating back to 1986.

Each year when I run the LA Marathon, I always see a few legacy runners (they have special bibs) and I’m sure to shout out some respect. They’ve earned it. Read the rest of this entry


After a several day hiatus following the Los Angeles Marathon to let my sore muscles and equally sore ego heal, I finally hit the pavement this past Saturday.


Back at it!

No lofty goals, just a simple 8-miler (an “ocho”) to get my legs moving again and let my body know “we’re back.”

But the first run after the Los Angeles Marathon is always a bit of bittersweet experience.

Basically every weekend since September I’ve been running with the Team to End AIDS (T2) crew. And last weekend that number exploded as I was pounding the pavement alongside 24,999 other crazy marathoners trying to get from “point A” all the way to the ocean and “point B.”

This past Saturday, however, I was running alone. Just me, myself and I.

And while my iPod shuffle is great at playing music, it’s not much of a conversationalist or motivational running buddy. Read the rest of this entry


Hi Trippers!

To quote the very well known saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Well, if that’s the case then this past weekend’s Hollywood Half Marathon spoke volumes.

As an excellent runner’s perk, the race directors arranged for all of the participants to get digital downloads of all of their race photos (from MarathonFoto) for free. Since that service typically costs $39.95 on MF, that is one heckuva race perk.

So, thanks again to the Hollywood Half Marathon for allowing me to download a heap of photos of my sweaty mug without the words “PROOF ONLY” blazoned over my face and torso.

Say cheese… and Run on!


Walk of Fame Bling.

Walk of Fame Bling.

RACE: Hollywood Half Marathon

DATE: April 11,12015

DISTANCES: Half Marathon/10K/5K

LOCATION: Hollywood, CA

START TIME: 6:00am

WEATHER AT START: 55 degrees


  • Half Marathon- 3261
  • 10K- 1686
  • 5K- 1491

(Updated from 2014 Review)

Lace up your running shoes and join the H’wood crowd for a fun run up & back along the city’s legendary “Walk of Fame” for the 4th running of the Hollywood Half Marathon. This past Saturday over 6,000 runners gathered outside of the Chinese Theater for the pre-dawn start to the Half Marathon/10K and 5K races. Read the rest of this entry


Hi Trippers!

Is that a "compliment sandwich" or a Cuban?

Is that a “compliment sandwich” or a Cuban?

Rather than one lengthy post, just a few miscellaneous tidbits to share today.

And it’s a running version of the “compliment sandwich” where you put two good things around a bad in the hopes that it goes down better.

So let the “bitting of tids” commence:

TIDBIT #1- Start with the good

This weekend I got a package in the mail that I’ve been waiting on.

Look, I've got a star on the Walk of Fame.

Look, I’ve got a star on the Walk of Fame.

And no it’s not the June delivery for the “fruit of the month club” (which I believe would have been kiwi fruit… which I still think look like soft baby coconuts). Nope, inside a big ole box was the mile marker sign from the Hollywood Half Marathon. If you remember, I mentioned that the HHM ran a contest to have each mile of the race “presented” by one of the runners… and lo and behold my moniker graced Mile 5.

Ken and Sabrina Nwadike (and the gang at Superhero Events) saw to it that the sign made its way to me. A great memento from a fun race. Now I just need to find me a shadow box and some free wall space.

TIDBIT #2- Add a slab of bad

After a week of babying my injured left leg following the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, I finally went to the gym this morning to see how things felt. Unfortunately, the report was not 100% A-OK. I loosened up fine on the treadmill, but things weren’t so good on the elliptical. After about ten minutes, I could still feel some tightness in the back of my left leg. Rather than risk it, I cut my workout short and headed home. While I’m not thrilled that it’s still bugging me, I’ve got time to let it heal as my next race isn’t for almost 4 weeks and it’s a 10K. I should hopefully be right as rain by then.

TIDBIT #3- End with some more good

Light 'em up!

Light ’em up!

The force is strong with this one. Yup, get ready for months of bad Star Wars puns as I’ve officially joined the rebellion and signed up for the Disney Star Wars Half Marathon. I’m thrilled that I’ll be running the race with a whole bunch of my Team to End AIDS (T2) friends… or should I say my fellow jedi knights. And I will dress up in some fashion for the race. So if you know of a place where I can get some running jedi robes wholesale (complete with purple “bad mofo” lightsaber) or dri-fit Stormtrooper armor, give me a shout.

I’ve got a “good” feeling about this… and Run on!


“Neither a borrower, nor a lender be.” -William “Billy Bob” Shakespeare

Let me get up here before I speak.

Let me get up here before I speak.

Well, the above advice from Polonius to his son Laertes in “Hamlet” (don’t be too impressed, I looked it up) not only applies to money, but seemingly also to racing bibs.

Earlier this month the man who supposedly won the Marine Corps 17.75K learned a “Hamlet-like” lesson. Gerardo Avila broke the tape, but it turns out he was wearing the bib that belonged to another person, Steve Henry.

Now this wasn’t some kind of dime-story thriller “switcheroo” plot or a sci-fi “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” tale turned real.

Read the rest of this entry


The Verdict is in!

The Verdict is in!

All rise! Runner’s Court is now back in session.

Yesterday we heard the “Case of the Sacred Shirt,” about whether or not the legacy shirt at the Hollywood Half Marathon was subject to the “Forbidden Shirt” protocol.

Evidence was presented, and solid arguments were made by both the prosecution and defense. Once closing arguments were read, the case was left in the hands of the jury… namely all of you… to decide the outcome.

I’ve tabulated the responses and a verdict has been reached.  First let me say that the reader feedback was even better than I could have possibly hoped, with passionate pleas made by both sides that did indeed sway people’s opinions. Read the rest of this entry


Bang that gavel!

Bang that gavel!

This past weekend I ran the Hollywood Half Marathon. I had a great time meeting up with friends before the race and I also PR’d, so a win/win for me.

And like I do with all races, I immerse myself in the whole atmosphere surrounding the event (hence my multiple “Experience” posts that I put up for each race). I came across something interesting before this year’s Hollywood Half Marathon that I think would make a great “beta test” for a hopefully recurring series on Tripping The Kenyans… “Runner’s Court.” This would be where I take a fun “controversial topic” and present it as a mock court case with me as presiding judge. And “No,” I haven’t gone out and bought a judge’s robe… as far as you know. Read the rest of this entry


"Hollywood" and "Challenge" bling!

“Hollywood” and “Challenge” bling!

“Hooray for Hollywood!” This past Saturday morning saw a “premiere” like none other as over 10,000 racers lined up outside of the famed Chinese Theater to take part in the 3rd running of the Hollywood Half Marathon/10K/5K. Started back in 2012, this race happens just a few weeks after the Los Angeles Marathon and utilizes some of the same course. For those of us who pounded the pavement at the LA Marathon, this race serves as a nice follow-up and a second chance to hit the streets of Hollywood. The race raises money and awareness for local homeless youth shelters (a very worthwhile cause) and has a very positive vibe about. The Hollywood Half Marathon/10k/5K features a combined start for all three distances, meaning the beginning of the race has the feel of a bigger city event. In 2014, over 5700 entrants ran the half marathon (making it the most popular distance) while the 10K and 5K each had between 2100-2300 participants.

Read the rest of this entry


Damn, that's a big medal.

Damn, that’s a big medal.

When I laced up my shoes this morning for the Hollywood Half Marathon I realized that barring any last second additions, this was going to be my last half marathon until mid-August (my next two monthly races will be full marathons). I knew the outcome of this race was going to be bouncing around my mind for the next four months. My hope was to push it a bit and have a good race.

I didn’t have a good race….

I had a friggin’ awesome race.

One of my best ever.

I’ll leave discussions about the course and race for the full race review (coming tomorrow), but it really was a wonderful experience today. Read the rest of this entry


Expo to the stars!

Expo to the stars!

Hey Trippers!

It’s been an uber-busy week and between a major delivery of a project at work, some home projects, auditions and tax prep (April 15th is coming up quick), I’ve been pulled in a million directions… at least it gives me a good stretch. As a result, not only have I not been able to “Stop and smell the roses,” but I’ve barely had time to glance at them as run by “full tilt boogie.”

And that “Hurry, hurry, hurry” mentality has even spilled into my race prep. On the way to the expo for the Hollywood Half Marathon yesterday, I got a call that there was a “hiccup” at work (or maybe it was a belch, I’m not sure what qualifies as what) and they needed me over in West LA ASAP. I normally like to take my time and enjoy the “Expo experience” but yesterday ended up being a lesson in “Get in and get out.” Read the rest of this entry


This year's model will be wearing "blue."

This year’s model will be wearing “blue.”

I had a non-running friend recently tell me that they thought “finisher’s medals” were getting out of hand and did we even really need ’em in the first place?

I tried not to get huffy. After all, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Of course if I had had a finisher’s medal handy I might have clubbed them to death with it (some of them are rather large).

But I wanted to give their opinion some thought.

Saturday morning I’ll be pounding the pavement for 13.1 miles down and back along the “Avenue of the Stars” at the Hollywood Half Marathon. And once I cross the finish line and stop my GPS, one of the wonderful race volunteers will hang a blue star-shaped medal around my neck. Read the rest of this entry


Good luck finding this in Redbox.

Good luck finding this in Redbox.

Hey “Trippers!”

And no, this post is not about the George Burns/Charlie Schlatter “body switching” Freaky Friday wannabe flick from the 80s. I’ll wait while you check out IMDB to see if this movie actually exists or if I’m just making this crap up.


Anyway, yesterday I talked about doing my first “solo” long run (17-18 mile) of 2014 and few of my trepidations.

17 or 18 miles, what was it going to be?

Well, for those of you wondering (and if you were truly wondering, thank you, but you really should consider a different hobby), today was indeed an 18-mile jaunt around Burbank and in Griffith Park.

Read the rest of this entry


Empty Road

On the road again.

So between work being uber-crazy and constantly watching “March Madness” (Go Badgers) in my peripheral vision, my day has been rather hectic.

But tomorrow morning I’ll be up at the crack of dawn (funny, whenever someone says or I write “crack of dawn” I hear an imaginary rooster crowing in my head… weird). As I was saying, I’ll be up at the crack of dawn (there it is again… sorry) to do double duty on a run. It’s my last long run before the Hollywood Half Marathon on April 5th, but it’s also a training run to stay in marathon shape for the OC Marathon on May 4th. So, I’ll be doing 17 or 18 miles in and around Burbank. No big deal right… I mean I just did 20 & 23 mile training runs with Team To End AIDS back in February. One difference…

I’ll be running solo.

And it’ll be a little weird.

Read the rest of this entry



“I’d run that for a dollar.”

Well, it’s day three of my “forced” running hiatus following Sunday’s LA Marathon. I figured I needed a few days to mend from the pounding I just did to my poor body (what did it ever do to me). And clearly a little downtime was good, especially since on Monday my sore legs and stiff neck (from sleeping wrong) had me walking around like “Robocop” (the classic one).

“Dead or alive, you’re running with me.”

Over the past 48 hours, I’ve been swimming in a sea of race memories… from checking out my race results online, to grimacing at the “proofs” from MarathonFoto and perusing Facebook for posts and photos from my friends (and also strangers) about the whole race experience.

And apparently feeding my running addiction.

Read the rest of this entry

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