Expo to the stars!

Expo to the stars!

Hey Trippers!

It’s been an uber-busy week and between a major delivery of a project at work, some home projects, auditions and tax prep (April 15th is coming up quick), I’ve been pulled in a million directions… at least it gives me a good stretch. As a result, not only have I not been able to “Stop and smell the roses,” but I’ve barely had time to glance at them as run by “full tilt boogie.”

And that “Hurry, hurry, hurry” mentality has even spilled into my race prep. On the way to the expo for the Hollywood Half Marathon yesterday, I got a call that there was a “hiccup” at work (or maybe it was a belch, I’m not sure what qualifies as what) and they needed me over in West LA ASAP. I normally like to take my time and enjoy the “Expo experience” but yesterday ended up being a lesson in “Get in and get out.”

Expo in a concert hall!

Expo in a concert hall!

From the time I arrived at the Paladium until I skedaddled, only 20 minutes had elapsed, which was good because I only had 25 minutes on my parking meter.

But like the Griswald family taking in the vista of the Grand Canyon in mere seconds or checking out the Louvre at lightspeed (yes, that’s a double… National Lampoon’s Vacation and European Vacation references) I was still able to enjoy the expo (even if it was quite on the small side) as I grabbed my bib, race shirt and additional “legacy” shirt. I had a moment to chat with some of the race organizers (kudos to them for launching and building up this race) and also said “Hello” to some of the gang from A Runner’s Circle at their booth.

Damn, that's a big star.

Damn, that’s a big star.

Oh, and while there weren’t a big bunch of vendors at the expo, I did walk away with a few miscellaneous bits of swag… two bracelets, a key chain/ bottle opener and a tasty bag o’ chips. Hey, you can’t beat the price.

So back to the bump and grind today and hoping I can get my work (and laundry) done, nail my audition and keep the taxman at bay so I can relax and concentrate on the important stuff tonight (race prep).

And I’m off… I’ll check in later today (craziness permitting).

Run on!

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  1. Have a great race! Oh and I love those movies, now I really want to watch them again.

  2. I love a good expo and can spend all day at them. But smaller expo for local events are usually “get in, get out” for me. Even better if I can just get the packet mailed to me…

    • True. Big expos like the LA Marathon or Chicago are cool, but I’ve travelled to a few smaller expos that make me wish I could order the packet (doing that for a few more distant races this year).

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