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10574212_1416925418529812_3006742470463802857_nLast week, in the midst of the sweltering summer sun, I started looking ahead to my fall race schedule.

I’m back this week to “revel” about another very cool race series: The REVEL Race Series.

NOTE: I’ve been a REVEL Race Series ambassador since 2014 and have had an absolute blast.

The REVEL race series features a four-pack of races each year (from April to November):

  • REVEL Big Cottonwood (UT)- September 10, 2016
  • REVEL Canyon City (CA)- November 12, 2016
  • REVEL Mt. Charleston (NV)- April 29, 2017
  • REVEL Rockies (CO)- June 11, 2017

The first thing you should know about these races is they are downhill and FAST. I mean really fast. Damn fast. If you’re gunning for a PR or Boston qualifier (all courses are USATF certified), look no further. Read the rest of this entry


Just a quick post as I’m in the middle of a project and have been working 3 weeks straight without a day off. Oof.

Today I received my personalized video from the REVEL Mt. Charleston Half Marathon, one of the many cool perks REVEL offers its participants. It features several photos of me during the race and the video snippet as I clomp across the finish line.



Click to see the video

A cool course and a fun run. And registration just opened for next year’s REVEL Mt. Charleston Marathon/Half Marathon (April 29, 2017). Check out and sign-up.

Now back to the grind… and Run on!


No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.  -Aesop


Honda Helping.

For those of you who live in SoCal, the radio waves (if you still listen to regular radio) have been swamped the last few months with Honda’s latest marketing campaign, entitled “Random Acts of Helpfulness.”

In the ads, a Honda representative speaks to a random stranger and offers to help them by paying for something they need. Examples include: airline tickets to visit family, a new garage door, college application fees, a work wardrobe and even an automatic softball pitching machine. Like I said, random. Read the rest of this entry



Yay for “new.”

I’ve been doing marathons/halfs/10Ks consistently for seven years now and during that time I’ve run several races multiple times. I’ve completed a septet of LA Marathons. This year I’ll have finished a 6-pack of Peachtree Road Races (since 2009). And last month I collected my fifth consecutive finisher’s medal from the Hollywood Half Marathon.

There is something uniquely enjoyable and comforting about running a race you’ve done before. You know the course and are most likely prepared for any race-specific idiosyncrasies. And you also can use a familiar race as a benchmark to see how you’re progressing from year to to year.

At the same time, running a race you’ve never run before presents an exciting challenge. You’re not sure what to expect as everything is utterly new to you. The course, the expo, the race support… even the T-shirt and bling… all new experiences. Very cool. Read the rest of this entry

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