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Cartoon running!

Cartoon running!

About a year ago, I first showed off the cartoon version of my running mugshot… remember this?

Yup, my caricature was courtesy of the gang at They had introduced the glory that is the “eBib.” Think of it as an ecard specially designed for runners. It was simple:

  1. Go to  I< and their “create” eBib page.
  2. Choose a character (or pick my cartoonized face if you so choose).
  3. Select a simple color background for your bib.
  4. Jot down a motivational/funny/cute saying.
  5. And bask in the fun results, like below:
eBibs featuring... you!

eBibs featuring… you!

You could then e-mail your eBib or post it on a plethora of social media sites.

Easy, right?

Well, the eBib caught on and literally thousands of them have been created so far.

And has decided to up their game. Hence the creation of eBibs 2.0.

In fact has redone their entire website. They’ve got really cool running-inspired men’s and women’s clothing, along with their monthly “100-mile challenge” belt buckles and medals. So check them out.

Click here to visit I <3 to

Click here!

Back to the eBibs. Well the new version gives users the ability to not only scale the size of the caricature, but you can also add multiple characters. Here you go:

Seeing double... or is that a double-double

Seeing double… or is that a double-double

They’ve also replaced the basic “color only” backgrounds with a bunch of different vistas. Here’s a few:

And with over 300 personalized caricatures present, you can have quite a bit of fun. In fact, I decided to get a new caricature done myself, so here’s my latest “cartoonized” eBib!

eBib 2.0 in the cartoon flesh!

eBib 2.0 in the cartoon flesh!

And now the part you’ve all been waiting for… the contest!

How would like to get “cartoonized” yourself and win a free caricature (valued at $29.00).

Well, the fine folks at I< are going to give away (3) free caricatures… one for each of the three best eBibs created from Feb. 9th – Feb. 15th.

Here’s what you do to enter:

Go to I< and create your finest eBibs (make as many as you’d like).

It can be funny, motivational or whatever else you choose. Pick any background or caricature.

Then I need you to post it so I can see it (along with your name). Here’s how:

  • Post the link in the comments section below (please include your name or some way to identify you).
  • Or post the link on the Tripping The Kenyans Facebook page.
  • Or even just post/e-mail me your unique eBIb Number (it’s in the upper right corner) along with your name.
  • And make sure I get it by 11:59pm (PST) on Feb. 15th

After that I’ll go through and pick the three that either make me cry, smile or shoot milk through my nose. I’ll post the winning eBibs on Tripping The Kenyans.

That’s it. And feel free to share this blog post with any and all friends, family or running groups.

Standard contest rules apply. All decisions will be made by Tripping The Kenyans and are final. Blah blah blah, “lawyer speak” and all that. If in doubt, go call Saul… tell ’em Heisenberg sent you.

If you have any questions, please contact me. Have fun and get eBibbing!

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  1. A link? Boy, you are getting technical on me. How about 007308 on eBibs… That’s mine commemorating my marathon at the beach this past weekend.

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