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For those of you who’ve been checking Tripping The Kenyans over the past few weeks, you’ve definitely noticed a lack of Scott.


It ain’t just a magazine.

Yup, no running tales, no silly remarks, no mildly inappropriate comments and no painful puns (I’m sure some of you are grateful for that last one).

It’s been bit of an unplanned blogging MIA month.

I have been running. Yes indeed.

Since my last post back in late October I’ve run two races: The REVEL Canyon City Half Marathon and the Lexus LaceUp Palos Verdes 10K. I had a fun time (and decent finish times) at both races. And I continue my training with Team To End AIDS for the 2016 LA Marathon. Read the rest of this entry

“THAT’S A WRAP” ON 2014!

Hi everyone!

...auld lang syne anyone?

…auld lang syne anyone?

I hope you all had a fun-filled Christmas and that Santa gave you mounds of great presents (perhaps some cool running gear or a new GPS watch).

As 2014 draws to a close and Baby New Year prepares to make his grand entrance, we all naturally take a look back… at the good and the not-so-good. The resolutions kept and the ones that fell by the wayside.

But before I finish the final chapter and close the book on 2014 (and start a new one for 2015) I wanted to give a recount of my running year that was.

And it was a doozy.

Here are some of my running “highs” and “lows.” Read the rest of this entry


Run on Canyon City!

Run on Canyon City!

RACE: REVEL Canyon City Half Marathon

DATE: November 15, 2014


DISTANCES: Half Marathon/Full Marathon

START TIME: 7:00am

WEATHER AT START: 54° Partly Cloudy (Half Marathon)/ 38° Partly Cloudy (Full Marathon)

FINISHERS: 888 Half/ 625 Full

Time to REVEL and to run!

This was the inaugural running of the REVEL Canyon City Marathon/Half Marathon, the latest race in the new REVEL race series that also included REVEL Rockies (in July) and REVEL Big Cottonwood (in September).

Read the rest of this entry


Hey Everyone,

REVEL bling!

REVEL bling!

So, the first leg of my crazy half marathon “trifecta” is in the books.

This morning I ran the inaugural REVEL Canyon City Half Marathon.

And I had a blast.

Meeting up with several of my running friends, we trekked down the San Gabriel Mountains in Angeles National Park on a beautiful fall morning.

I have to admit it was rather difficult to rein things in and not pick up my pace as I made my way down the mountain. I had planned to run an 11:30 pace, but came in at 11:00 min/mile (guess my tortoise pace had a little hare in it after all).

But I felt at ease and not tired at all as I crossed the finish line and grabbed a neat piece of race bling. Read the rest of this entry


Tortoise vs. Hare. One of Aesop’s classic fables about how slow and steady can indeed win the race.

Wanna race?

Wanna race?

For a competitive guy like me (big surprise, I know), my default speed is “full tilt boogie.”

Mind you, when it comes to racing, my boogieing full tilt still means I’m finishing in the middle of the pack… but maybe just a little more to the front of the middle than normal.

I like to test myself, to see exactly what my limits are and find out how I can push beyond them.

So, obviously it can be a bit difficult to purposely take my foot off the gas… even when it is the wisest move. Read the rest of this entry

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