Tortoise vs. Hare. One of Aesop’s classic fables about how slow and steady can indeed win the race.

Wanna race?

Wanna race?

For a competitive guy like me (big surprise, I know), my default speed is “full tilt boogie.”

Mind you, when it comes to racing, my boogieing full tilt still means I’m finishing in the middle of the pack… but maybe just a little more to the front of the middle than normal.

I like to test myself, to see exactly what my limits are and find out how I can push beyond them.

So, obviously it can be a bit difficult to purposely take my foot off the gas… even when it is the wisest move.

Here’s my upcoming 3-pack of half marathons this weekend:

  • 11/15 (am)- REVEL Canyon City Half in Azusa, CA
  • 11/16 (am)- Avengers Super-hero Half in Anaheim, CA
  • 11/16 (pm)- Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Half in (you guessed it) Las Vegas, NV

Utilizing my normal race strategy for all three races would be a surefire recipe for disaster… an utter “bonkfest.”

Not this weekend.

Not this weekend.

If I indeed want to finish and have a good time, I need to treat this weekend like a whole different beast: a tortoise seems appropriate.

My method of running is the “Galloway Method” which employs a run/walk ratio. Run so many minutes, then walk a minute. Repeat “ad nauseam” until I’m across the finish line holding bling and gulping down Gatorade.

I currently run at a 6:1 ratio (running six minutes and walking one). And my pace, depending on the race, is usually somewhere between a 9:20- 10:20 min/mile. I average around a 2:10 half marathon these days.

No way I’d be able to maintain that pace over all three races.

So, I spoke to one of my running coaches and we’ve come up with a gameplan. I’m going to be utilizing a 3:2 ratio (run 3 minutes, walk 2 minutes) for the REVEL Canyon City Half and shoot for a 2:30 half marathon. That’s about an 11:30 min/mile pace.

For the Avengers Half in Anaheim, I’m going to downgrade to a 2:2 ratio, still aiming for around a 2:30 finish time. But I’ll be listening to my body and slowing down if necessary. However, if my body tells me I can go faster, I’ll fight the urge and stay on pace to keep that energy in reserve (I have a feeling I’m going to need it).

As for the final race in Vegas (my 3rd in 33 hours), I’m hoping to continue with the 2:2 ratio and an 11:30 pace. But this will be uncharted territory for me. I may need to break out some “running jazz” and improvise.

For Vegas I have only one goal in mind: finish.

So for this weekend I’m going to be leaving the hare at home and channeling my inner tortoise.

Don’t worry bunny, we’ll go full tilt boogie next time.

Run on… just a little slower than normal!

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  1. Good luck with the trifecta, Scott, you’re a beast (or a fool . . . I guess you’ll know which one late Sunday night). Just kidding, this is a great challenge for you. I’m planning on running in the Meb Corral in Vegas, just to see how long I can keep up. It’s the 1:45 pace group and while I don’t think I can keep that pace for 13.1, I figure if I can hang with them until the halfway point, I’ll be set up for either a near PR or certain death. I guess I’ll know which one late Sunday night, right?

    Good luck, and I’ll look for you on the out and backs!

    • Thanks Chris. I like to think I’m a bit of both. Should be a fun time. Have a great time running with Meb. I’m looking to do a 2:30 at each race. But come Vegas, all of that might be right out the window. As long as I can keep putting left in front of right and cross the finish line (time be damned) I’ll be good. And you should be able to pick me out on the course, I’ll be wearing the black “Avengers” shirt that I’ll get in Anaheim and wearing a “What the hell was I thinking” look on my face. Have a great race Chris!

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