Let's do it!

Let’s do it!

When I first planned out my races for 2014, I decided to undertake an incredibly ambitious schedule.

I was going to run 14 half/full marathons in 2014. “14 in 2014″… get it?

Well, as the races started adding up and falling into place schedule wise, I saw that one weekend in particular was going to be a tad challenging… perhaps even a wee bit insane.

On the weekend of Nov. 15th- 16th, I was going to be running not one, not two, but three half marathons. That’s 39.3 miles of racing in just 33 hours (and in two different states).

Race number 1

Race number 1!

That was cool and fine. Why?

Because as nutty as it sounded, when I signed up for the trio of races November 15th was way way way in the distance.

Well, it’s here. November 15th is Saturday. The races be nigh! It’s go time!

Oh shit. I’m really doing this.

So here’s how it’s going down:

Saturday morning I’ll be running the REVEL Canyon City Half Marathon (start time 7:00am). After that finishes I’ll run home, take a shower and grab my gear/luggage as Lindy and I head down to Anaheim.

Race number 2!

Race number 2!

Sunday morning I’ll be donning my superhero shirt (hint: “I am the night”) as I run the Avengers Super-hero Half Marathon (start time 5:30am). Once I cross the finish line and grab my Avenger’s bling, I’ll make a beeline for the hotel. After another quick shower (and a check of my sanity), I’ll grab a quick bite to eat and then Lindy and I race for LAX.

One Southwest flight later, we’ll land in Las Vegas around 1:30pm. After a cab ride to the hotel (Luxor’ing it) and annoying check in, we’ll toss our bags in the room and dash straight to the starting area for the Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon (start time 4:30pm).

Race number 3!

Race number 3!

It’s going to be quite the weekend.

All this week on Tripping The Kenyans, I’ll be commenting on the race prep and trying to update you on race weekend as time allows. And you can expect some fun stories after the fact, as well as race reviews for all three half marathons… and one helluva post mortem.

So, bring on the crazy… and run on!

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  1. Sounds like something totally fun that I would do, as well. Have a blast! I ran Las Vegas Half in 2011, and the Full in 2013. So much fun.

    • Last time I ran Vegas was in 2011 (the icky one). I’ve been told by numerous people that it’s now so much better (course/amenities). I’m looking forward to hitting the strip (literally). Although since it’s my 3rd of 3 races in 33 hours and I’ll be flying in just 3 hours before the start time, I will miss some of the pre-race fun. Still should be a good time.

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