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Hi Trippers!

Check out the three winners of our eBibs 2.0 contest in their “cartoonized” glory.

And how better to show them off then in a group eBib (and yes, I’m eBib photobombing them):

Congrats again guys.

And if you want to get yourself “cartoonized” be sure to check out and have your own caricature done.

Get drawn… and Run on!

Winners: eBibs 2.0

Hi Trippers,

The bibs are up and the eBibs 2.0 contest has ended.

Thanks for for sponsoring the contest.

And a big round of thanks to everyone who entered… some really great eBibs. I wish I could give every one of you awards; it was really tough to decide.

But with very little further ado… ado ado ado ado.

Okay, that’s enough ado.  Here are the winners:

from cdmauger!

from cdmauger!

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Hi Everyone,

Cartoon running!

Cartoon running!

About a year ago, I first showed off the cartoon version of my running mugshot… remember this?

Yup, my caricature was courtesy of the gang at They had introduced the glory that is the “eBib.” Think of it as an ecard specially designed for runners. It was simple:

  1. Go to  I< and their “create” eBib page.
  2. Choose a character (or pick my cartoonized face if you so choose).
  3. Select a simple color background for your bib.
  4. Jot down a motivational/funny/cute saying.
  5. And bask in the fun results, like below:
eBibs featuring... you!

eBibs featuring… you!

You could then e-mail your eBib or post it on a plethora of social media sites.

Easy, right?

Well, the eBib caught on and literally thousands of them have been created so far. Read the rest of this entry


Hi Trippers!

Just a quick post today with two tidbits.

First off, a “Cartoonified” Contest update. Be sure to post your running photos at Tripping The Kenyan’s Facebook page (and give us a “like” while you’re there) for a chance to win a free caricature from the artists at “” The contest runs until 5:00pm PST on Thursday, May 1st.

Winner gets a custom caricature and two runner ups win “Gone Running” signs.

Below is another example of the handiwork from the artists at This is Corrado, one of my T2 running buddies captured during the 2014 LA Marathon and his caricature on an eBib.


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Hi Trippers!

If you’ve been glancing at Facebook or other social media sites as of late, I’m sure you’ve come across numerous fun caricatures of runners. These great images are the handiwork of the artists at the cool website “”

When I first started Tripping The Kenyans, I submitted my mug for a little “cartoonization” and I was thrilled by the results:

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how many words is a caricature worth?

I turned to the folks at and had them transform me into a running cartoon.

Now I can impart my running words of wisdom (aka wiseass remarks) for all to behold. Enjoy!

Scott as an eBib

Living the dream… as a cartoon figure.

Run on!

(Oh, and please feel free to use my mug to create your own eBib)

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