Hi Trippers!

Check out the three winners of our eBibs 2.0 contest in their “cartoonized” glory.

And how better to show them off then in a group eBib (and yes, I’m eBib photobombing them):

Congrats again guys.

And if you want to get yourself “cartoonized” be sure to check out and have your own caricature done.

Get drawn… and Run on!

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  1. Thanks again for the great contest! I just might need to get another one done with a somewhat less serious photo for maximum goofy fun. These charicatures are great!

    • You’re very welcome. Glad you like the caricature. And yeah, they are addictive… definitely makes you want to get more. I’m hoping to get another one for the LA Marathon coming up (provided I don’t look like death warmed over).

  2. Thanks Scott! A fun photo, for sure. They really kind of nailed it.

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