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Hey Trippers!

Early morning yum.

Early morning yum.

Recently I got another bit of running good news as I found out I that I was admitted to “The Hive.”

Now that doesn’t mean I’m changing collegiate allegiances from Wisconsin to Georgia Tech (GT refers to their fanbase as “The Hive”). I’ll always be a Badger.

Nor does it mean I’m going to show my super-villain darkside and wage battle against the Teen Titans (it’s a DC comic book reference… click here for more).

Rather it means I’ve been accepted as a member of the Honey Stinger Grassroots Sponsorship Program.

As many of you know, I’m an ambassador to a pair of race series (REVEL, Lexus LaceUp)  as well as for running gear (PRO Compression).

Well, now I’m also spreading the word about Honey Stinger. Read the rest of this entry


The big squeeze just got squeezier!

The big squeeze just got squeezier!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. And given all of the power-eating that went on yesterday, I’m pretty sure all of our pants are fitting just a tad bit tighter.

Well, speaking of “tight”… I want to talk to you about MAN TIGHTS!

(Pardon the lazy segue; credit it to a tryptophan hangover. And yes, I know the whole turkey tryptophan thing is a myth).

But back to MAN TIGHTS!

Today, the gang at PRO Compression are debuting compression tights for men (Ladies compression tights and leggings are also available). Read the rest of this entry


Fact: when you run, you get sweaty.

In my case, you get stupid sweaty.

Cover your sweaty self!

Cover your sweaty self!

It’s not so bad being covered in sweat right after a run or race. It’s like a testament to the workout and you’re simply showing the world that you’re drenched with “liquid awesome.”

But as the minutes tick by, that glow of accomplishment is quickly replaced by the harsh reality… you’re just sweaty. And probably rather fragrant too.

And who wants to get in their car and drive home dripping with sweat? It feels awful and you can just imagine your sweat seeping into the car’s seats, creating a permanent potpourri of runner’s funk. Read the rest of this entry


Hi Trippers!

Got eGel?

Got eGel?

Fulfilling my role as your running guinea pig/beta tester, I continue perusing the ole interweb and race expos looking for the latest/greatest and “diamond in the rough” gear and products.

While wandering the aisles of the OC Marathon expo, I spied the booth of Crank Sports displaying their line of energy drinks and energy gels. I walked over and chatted with the head of the company for a few minutes and liked what he had to say, as well as his enthusiasm. If Crank Sports’ products were anywhere as energetic as he was, I was going to be in good shape. He gave me a few samples of both their eFuel drink mix and eGels to try out over the next few weeks.

Read the rest of this entry


Give yourself a not-so-sweaty hand.

Give yourself a not-so-sweaty hand.

I’ve made it a point that every time I go to a race expo I pick up one new item to give a try. I’m always looking for diamonds in the rough.

When I was at the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Expo earlier this month, I was kind of rushed (we got their only about 40 minutes before they closed), so I didn’t get to spend my normal amount of time checking things out.

I was heading for the exit a little bummed that I was leaving empty-handed. Then one booth caught my eye and I stopped to see what was what.

Looking at what appeared to be oddly shaped lycra straps, my first inclination was this was yet another company trying to sell funky smartphone holders.


As the nice lady at the booth explained, this was the “Handana,” a new take on the traditional wristband or sports headband.

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