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Give yourself a not-so-sweaty hand.

Give yourself a not-so-sweaty hand.

I’ve made it a point that every time I go to a race expo I pick up one new item to give a try. I’m always looking for diamonds in the rough.

When I was at the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Expo earlier this month, I was kind of rushed (we got their only about 40 minutes before they closed), so I didn’t get to spend my normal amount of time checking things out.

I was heading for the exit a little bummed that I was leaving empty-handed. Then one booth caught my eye and I stopped to see what was what.

Looking at what appeared to be oddly shaped lycra straps, my first inclination was this was yet another company trying to sell funky smartphone holders.


As the nice lady at the booth explained, this was the “Handana,” a new take on the traditional wristband or sports headband.

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