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Expo to the stars!

Expo to the stars!

Hey Trippers!

It’s been an uber-busy week and between a major delivery of a project at work, some home projects, auditions and tax prep (April 15th is coming up quick), I’ve been pulled in a million directions… at least it gives me a good stretch. As a result, not only have I not been able to “Stop and smell the roses,” but I’ve barely had time to glance at them as run by “full tilt boogie.”

And that “Hurry, hurry, hurry” mentality has even spilled into my race prep. On the way to the expo for the Hollywood Half Marathon yesterday, I got a call that there was a “hiccup” at work (or maybe it was a belch, I’m not sure what qualifies as what) and they needed me over in West LA ASAP. I normally like to take my time and enjoy the “Expo experience” but yesterday ended up being a lesson in “Get in and get out.” Read the rest of this entry


Greetings from Huntington Beach and The Surf City Half Marathon 2014.

Spent some time at the Expo today getting my bib and a few goodies along the way.

Expo Entrance

Bibs and goodies await.

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Atlanta Half Marathon Medal

Turkey Bling!

Thanksgiving is an ideal day for race. What better way to kick off the biggest eating day of the year than with a healthy calorie deficit? Knowing that the 2,000+ calories I burned off running would be more than made up for (seconds on pie, anyone?), I signed up for the Atlanta Half Marathon as I’d be in town again visiting family. Besides, it sure beat having to help out in the kitchen (I’m usually relegated to peeling potatoes). This annual race (both Half Marathon and 5K) starts and finishes at Turner Field and gives runners a nice look at downtown Atlanta. This year’s “turkey trek” featured almost 8,900 runners (6,733 half marathon and 2,140 5K) and the 7:30am start time guaranteed you’d be home in time for the feast (and football).

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Scott Boliver

Scott Boliver smiling, as always.

A few days ago I wrote about why I run, but I purposely left out one important detail, so I could write about it today. January 3rd marks the one-year anniversary of the passing of the man who was my running coach, my mentor and my friend.

On this day I want to tell you about Scott Boliver. I want to tell you about the man who taught me to run.

As I mentioned before, back in the fall of 2008 I was a lost soul looking for something to call his own. I signed up with the AIDS Marathon training program looking to re-invent myself and do something I considered impossible. When I showed up at Griffith Park for that very first training run, however, I wondered if I had the personal strength and dedication to see it through.

Then I met Scott… Coach Scott.

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OC Marathon Expo

Bibs, T-shirts and running stuff galore… just ahead.

On Saturday, I’ll be running my first half marathon of 2014. But before I can attempt to PR, heck before I can even head to the start line or lace up my shoes, I’ve got to take care of the first important part of the race experience… the runners’ expo.

And I love it.

Imagine all of the enthusiasm and anticipation (and swag) for a race stuffed into one place; that’s what a good expo represents. The great thing is that everyone who goes to a runners’ expo is either a racer or racer tagalong who is every bit as excited about running as you are (you are in the midst of your people). Typically scheduled for the day or two prior to a race, it’s the first taste runners get of the race to come as they file through to pick up their bibs, T-shirts, freebies, as well as sample the products of running vendors and get a sneak peek at races to come.

Mind you, all expos are not created equal. At some smaller races, their expo (if you can even call it that) might consist of a dozen tents featuring a few local vendors peddling forgettable wares. Rather, let’s ruminate about the big boys, the expos that accompany the large races.

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