Pick a season… any season.

I remember in grade school being taught that there were four seasons: spring, summer, winter, and fall. And I certainly remember that spring is supposed to be sandwiched between chilly winter and steamy summer. It’s a very nice time of year. So with that in mind, I have to ask…

What the hell happened to spring this year?

After 20 years of living in Los Angeles, I just faced my first Atlanta winter. And I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of cold weather running. I really don’t like running in long pants or tights, nor do I enjoy wearing layers (I get way too sweaty).

So while I was clomping on the treadmill at the gym when it was too cold outside or when I ventured outside bundled up like a running Nanook of the North, I was secretly longing for spring… when I could shed my balaclava (I learned that word this winter), toss off my thermal gloves and enjoy a nice run in shorts and a short-sleeved tech shirt.

Atlanta summers can be brutal for running. High temperatures mixed with high humidity and hills do not make for a fun time. That’s why spring is supposedly so nice here (according to the running locals).

But apparently in 2018 winter stayed around until near the end of April and then skipped spring and went directly to summer… do not pass go or collect $200.

Actually, I think spring did occur on April 27th between 10:53am and 10:55am. Yup, a two-minute window where things were nice and seasonable outside. 120 seconds of heaven.

But here we are in May and temperatures are already 70 degrees at 7am and the humidity is getting up there. So I guess it’s time for an early start to the summer slog, where each time I run I ask myself the same question: How Wet Can Scott Possibly Get?


Me every time I run… and don’t call me Shirley.

Answer (Every time): Totally Saturated.

Maybe to properly express this time of year I should come up with a new term, inspired by meal names. We already have “brunch,” which is a combination of breakfast and lunch. So with that, I offer the season of “sprummer” (when spring and summer merge into one sweaty sunny mess).

Yup, sprummer. Has a nice ring to it.

I do have some races planned for this sprummer, mostly 10K and perhaps some 5Ks (my newfound fun running option). And I’ve got a pair of half marathons tentatively planned for later in the actual summer (depending on how my schedule plays out).

And now as I dive into sprummer (and then summer), trying not to melt in the Atlanta sun, I can always look forward to beautiful fall weather. Hopefully, it’ll last at least three minutes before winter hits.

Enjoy your sprummer… and Run on!

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