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Hey Trippers!

So, my crazy “3 half marathons in 33 hours” weekend has officially arrived.

Race outfits are laid out and ready to rock; bags are packed for Anaheim & Las Vegas; GPS and iPod shuffle are charged and primed. As am I.

First up is the inaugural REVEL Canyon City Half Marathon in Azusa, CA kicking off tomorrow morning at 7am.

But today, I was at the race expo in Monrovia. And not only did I pick up my race bib/shirt, but I also volunteered for a shift handing out tech shirts/swag bags to the racers. It was a lot of fun gabbing with the other runners and helping them get their race prep on.

Here’s some images from the expo:

Let’s get ready for the Canyon City Cha-Cha!

Run on!


Tortoise vs. Hare. One of Aesop’s classic fables about how slow and steady can indeed win the race.

Wanna race?

Wanna race?

For a competitive guy like me (big surprise, I know), my default speed is “full tilt boogie.”

Mind you, when it comes to racing, my boogieing full tilt still means I’m finishing in the middle of the pack… but maybe just a little more to the front of the middle than normal.

I like to test myself, to see exactly what my limits are and find out how I can push beyond them.

So, obviously it can be a bit difficult to purposely take my foot off the gas… even when it is the wisest move. Read the rest of this entry


Hey Trippers!

Guess I'm not the only who smiles when running.

Running happy!

Another TTK tradition starts here, as we’ve got our very first guest writer.

Ashley McDuffie was the winner of our “Salt Lake Shuffle” contest and received a FREE entry into the Big Cottonwood Half Marathon.

She let her inner speed demon loose as she ran the race in a “damn fast” 1:26:36 (6:37 min/mile).

I had hoped to bump into her on the course, but clearly all I would have seen would have been her vapor trails as she rocketed by.

Well, Ashley’s put together her review of the race (along with some snapshots).

So, take it away Ashley!

Read the rest of this entry


Hey Trippers!

My legs are finally feeling like legs again as I continue to recover for last weekend’s half marathon.

And the goodies keep rolling in from the REVEL Big Cottonwood race.

One of the great runner’s perks from the race is FREE photos. Instead of having shell out almost $30 for a single digital photo from races series like Disney and Rock ‘n’ Roll, the folks at REVEL want you to be able to display a whole slew of fun shots without the word “PROOF” forever tattooed across your torso.

Here are my candids from Salt Lake City.


Oh, and there’s still one more fantastic freebie to go as REVEL will be using my photos to cut together a personalized video summarizing the race experience. I’ll be sure to post that puppy when it’s available.

Have a great weekend everyone… and Run on!


Big Cottonwood Bling

Big Cottonwood Bling

Ready to get back to nature and chase a PR at the same time? If so, then look no further than the REVEL Big Cottonwood Marathon/Half Marathon. As the flagship race in the new REVEL series (also includes the REVEL Rockies and REVEL Canyon City races) this scenic downhill course is situated in the mountains just outside of Salt Lake City. Although a relatively new race, Big Cottonwood has already earned a reputation as a well-run event and also serves as a prime Boston qualifier. This year’s race sold out and drew in excess of 2500 runners for the half marathon and over 1500 participants for the full marathon. Read the rest of this entry


Hi Trippers,

Bib me!

Bib me!

Sorry for the daylong wait in me posting my race results. It’s been a pretty crazy past few days and I’m just now catching my breath.

One word sums up my experience at the REVEL Big Cottonwood Half Marathon… awesome.

From the second I boarded the plane in LA until the moment the wheels touched back down in the City of Angeles, I had an absolute blast (one of my best overall race experiences ever).

One of the reasons this race was so great had nothing to do with the run itself, but rather the people I ran it with. I met up with my friend Maria (aka “BustA Groove”) at LAX and flew to SLC with her and her friend (and now my friend too) Donielle.

Read the rest of this entry


Hey Trippers!

"Go Big."

“Go Big.”

Greetings from Utah and the REVEL Big Cottonwood Marathon/Half Marathon.

It’s already been a blast of a day (that started pre-dawn) and we don’t even run until tomorrow.

After waking up at 3:45am and treking to LAX, I met up with my friends BustA Groove and Donielle for a fairly quick Southwest Airlines jaunt (about 90 minutes… enough time for some peanuts and a few games of Candy Crush Saga) to Salt Lake City.

Needless to say, Salt Lake City is a very pretty place and we were all pretty impressed with the scenic mountains in the distance… the very same mountains we’ll be running down tomorrow morning. Read the rest of this entry


Speedy and striking!

Speedy and striking!

Q: What’s better than running a half marathon or marathon?

A: How about running a half marathon or marathon that features a “fast as hell” downhill course? And how about a “scenic” fast as hell downhill course?

Q: What’s better than that?

A: Saving some money (aka cash, dough, coinage) while running a scenic, fast as hell, downhill half marathon or marathon.

Q: How much money?

A: How’s $10 grab you? Or better yet, how about a chance to run for FREE?

First things first.

Last week I was named one of the Revel Race Series ambassadors and it’s time to get the ball rolling… downhill.

Click on the image below to learn more about the REVEL Race Series and its trio of races (REVEL Rockies, REVEL Big Cottonwood and REVEL Canyon City).

I’ve just created team “Tripping The Kenyans” for both the REVEL Big Cottonwood and REVEL Canyon City races and here’s you chance to sign up for a team too.

Why join a team?

By signing up for a team, you can save $5 off of the price of registration. And coupled with the additional $5 Facebook discount available during checkout, you can save up to a total of $10 (pretty sweet).

And be sure to sign up before August 1st to beat the price increase on the REVEL Canyon City race.

And it’s worth noting that the REVEL Race Series does NOT have any of those annoying registration/convenience/nonsense fees that many other races tack on to hide additional costs.

And there’s additional team benefits:

  • Teams get a professional group photo taken at the race
  • Teams with 12+ members get tent space at the finish line
  • Teams are eligible to win a prize for the lowest average time in each race distance

So talk to your friends/running group and see about starting up your own team (and coming up with a cool name).

And you’re also all invited to join team Tripping The Kenyans (and can save up to $10 immediately). Just click on the links below:

Team Tripping The Kenyans- REVEL Big Cottonwood (Sep. 13th)


Team Tripping The Kenyans- REVEL Canyon City (Nov. 15th)


Yes, I did.

In addition to offering team discounts, I wanted to let you know in the upcoming days/weeks I’ll be running contests to give out a FREE registration for each of the three REVEL races.

And the first contest starts on Monday, August 4th. So be sure to check in and see about running a marathon “gratis.”

Join a team, save some cash… and Run on!

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