Big Cottonwood Bling!

With distance running becoming more and more popular, the number of races available nationwide seems to have increased exponentially in the last few years. So, how do you decide what races to run and which ones to pass on? Is it well organized? What’s the course like? How’s the bling and swag?

I’ve decided to add reviews for races I’ve done to give you one runner’s viewpoint.

Topics include:

  • REGISTRATION/PACKET PICK-UP- What’s it cost? How’s the registration and expo?
  • TRANSPORTATION/PARKING- Getting to and fro? Drive it or take public transportation?
  • T-SHIRT/MEDALS- How’s the swag?
  • COURSE- Point to point, out and back, circular, flat, hilly… or sadistic?
  • COURSE SERVICES- Water, mile markers and porta-potties.
  • FINISH LINE SERVICES/POST PARTY- We’ve run, now what?
    • A – Great Race
    • B – Good Race
    • C – Average Race
    • D- Below Average Race
    • F- No Way (DNF).

If you agree, disagree or want to toss in your own opinions, please let me know in the comments section. And if you want to add reviews to the site, please drop me a note and I’ll post them.

And if any of these reviews seem familiar, I also send them to Racegrader.com… a great site for runners in Southern California. Check ’em out.


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