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Hey Trippers!

Double knot 'em and run!

Double knot ’em and run!

Good news this past week as I was among those chosen to be an ambassador to the 2015 Lexus LaceUp Running Series.

For those of you not in the know, LaceUp ran its inaugural series in 2014 and they’re back this year with a quartet of SoCal races.

  • Ventura– October 24th
  • Palos Verdes– November 14th
  • Riverside– December 6th
  • Orange County– Date TBD

Each of the races features scenic courses and offers runners the option of pounding the pavement for a half marathon, 10K or 5K. Read the rest of this entry


Looks straight to me when I wear my running shoes.

Looks straight to me when I wear my running shoes.

I was honestly a little nervous before my long run this past Saturday.

As I’ve mentioned, my runs the last few weeks (check out my post on “The Week of Suck”) have been far from wondrous. In fact, several have been downright shitty.

My visit to the podiatrist on Thursday did help alleviate a lot of my worry. That finicky right foot of mine is just finicky… not injured. Some additional padding to my orthotic (changing my foot’s angle) and I am supposedly good to go.

But as I laced up my shoes at Griffith Park on Saturday I couldn’t help but wonder if this change might have additional consequences, such as rubbing, blisters or some other kind of unexpected pain.

Part of me was wondering if the new set-up to my shoes would make me feel like I was running at a slant… like a big clomping “Leaning tower of Pisa” (if the landmark ever decided to take up distance running, that is). Read the rest of this entry


Hey Trippers!

Races to the front of me, races behind.

Races to the front of me, races behind.

On Sunday I ran the Shoreline Half Marathon, which basically serves as my halfway point in this “marathon” of a running year.

I set a few running goals for 2014 and so far, have managed to hit several of ’em:

  • I’ve PR’d in the marathon (4:58:16), half marathon (2:03:14) and 10K (56:56).
  • I ran 3 full marathons in less than 90 days to qualify for the Marathon Maniacs (#9416).
  • I’ve run a half or full marathon every month this year so far (with plans to continue this into 2015).

Read the rest of this entry



“I’d run that for a dollar.”

Well, it’s day three of my “forced” running hiatus following Sunday’s LA Marathon. I figured I needed a few days to mend from the pounding I just did to my poor body (what did it ever do to me). And clearly a little downtime was good, especially since on Monday my sore legs and stiff neck (from sleeping wrong) had me walking around like “Robocop” (the classic one).

“Dead or alive, you’re running with me.”

Over the past 48 hours, I’ve been swimming in a sea of race memories… from checking out my race results online, to grimacing at the “proofs” from MarathonFoto and perusing Facebook for posts and photos from my friends (and also strangers) about the whole race experience.

And apparently feeding my running addiction.

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