Welcome to the suck.

Welcome to the suck.

I was going to put an elegant or witty spin on things, but why not just come out and say it.

Exercise-wise… last week sucked.

I mean really sucked.

Like black hole sucking in all matter unfortunate enough to be near it sucked.

For some reason, I was just sort of “off” all last week.

I struggled on my maintenance runs (which almost never happens) and my planned 12-mile Saturday jaunt collapsed like a house of sweaty cards after a mere 7 miles.

I even skipped two of my cross-training workouts in favor of some extra zzz’s in case I was rundown.

Didn’t help.

I tried to analyze the suckiness. I looked for warning signs of overtraining; don’t think I fit the bill.

I’m not coming down with a cold, bug or boogie-woogie flu.

How I was feeling... if I were a dog.

How I was feeling… if I were a dog.

My allergies are no worse than normal.

It’s been hot out (which can impact my runs) but not so hot that I should be struggling like this.

I’ve been under a little more stress than normal (a lot of it self-imposed… I can be tough on myself) but that can’t be the only culprit.

I don’t think Mercury is in retrograde nor do I think I’ve angered the running gods (more than normal anyway).

So, what the hell caused that weeklong case of the blahs?

Damned if I know. Without anything more concrete to go on, this amateur detective is flat out stumped.

I guess I’ll chalk it up to a speed bump from the universe, like one of those unexplained instances where your internet craps out for no apparent reason.

The solution: you unplug your router, count to 10, plug it back in, reboot your system and everything starts working again.

We in a row yet?

We in a row yet?

As for me, I’ve decided to use this little setback as a way to reset myself. Time to take stock of how things have progressed for me in the past few months and look at what’s worked, and what hasn’t.

And to make certain I don’t burn myself out, I’ve deferred one race to 2015 already (The Madison Mini-Marathon) and may defer one or two additional races (more on that later).

Rather than beat myself up (as I tend to) I’m going to take my time preparing for my next race, The Disneyland Half Marathon in three weeks. Disney races tend to be slow going affairs anyway, so I’ll probably just treat that half-marathon as a training run (with bling).

I’ve got a busy fall coming up with some ambitious goals, so I think it’s best I take a step back now to get my ducks in a row.

Quack… and Run on!

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  1. My week of suck was not run related but other stuff. Maybe it’s a cosmic disturbance of some sort.

    • Hope you’re past yours as well… I hit the gym this am and it was better than last week. Maybe it was just a momentary disturbance in the force.

      • Unfortunately not. But I will try to ignore it until the jedi get their shit together and straighten the wrinkle in the force. Running more helps with the ability to ignore and construct a zen bubble around me. Kudos on the beginning of a non-sucky week!

  2. It must be something in the water this week, because I’ve been hearing similar sentiments across the board. I myself had a less than stellar week, although I wouldn’t necessarily call it bad. I think your internet connection analogy is apt. Sometimes we really just have a below average kind of day or week. Our urge is always to find out the “why”, but there isn’t always an answer, as you discovered. Best to just press on and rebound. It makes you wonder, though: why do we runners always have bad *weeks*? It’s never just one day, or two weeks, or a month. Maybe because training has got us so used to thinking of our life in week-long increments.

  3. Happened to me a couple weeks ago too. And, like you, I couldn’t figure out a worthy culprit. I came up with “burnout.” Sometimes you need a break even when you don’t feel like you have a legitimate/significant reason to take one. It gets better after a reset!

    • Thanks for the thoughts. I’m not sure it’s burnout as I did have to take three weeks off in June due to an injury (although it has crossed my mind). I’ll let you know how it goes.

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