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Hi Everybody,


Just keep moving.

Been swamped the past few weeks. But real life can keep you running ragged (that’s a different type of marathon). So just time for a quick update today.

My Los Angeles Marathon training is going full tilt boogie as my running coach is doing his best to see if he can make my legs explode. Between speed work and hill training, I’m definitely putting my man gams through some serious workouts. Here’s hoping all of the hard work pays off.

I’ve got the Surf City Half Marathon next Sunday (my first race of 2017). Now I wasn’t originally planning on running Surf City this year, but my coach wants me to use this race as a gauge to see what I should realistically be shooting for with the LA Marathon. So he wants me to run Surf City… hard. Real hard. Hell yeah!

And tomorrow morning our T2 team will be gathering pre-dawn as we log 21 glorious miles running all over Burbank and Glendale. It’s the second longest training run of the season (the 23 mile monster is in 3 weeks) and should be a fun four-hour jaunt. Read the rest of this entry


Hi Everyone,

Registration is officially underway for all three of the races in the 2015 REVEL Race Series.

For those of you not in the know, the REVEL race series currently consists of three marathons/half marathons:

  • REVEL Rockies (Denver, CO) – 7/19/15
  • REVEL Big Cottonwood (Salt Lake City, Utah) – 9/12/15
  • REVEL Canyon City (Azusa, CA)- 11/7/15
Run Revel Run!

Run Revel Run!

And all three of these race share some great features:

They’re all fast courses. Really fast. Like “greased lightning” fast. These races all feature downhill courses, some with descents up to 5000′ (that’s almost a mile to you and me). Can you say PR? And for those of you looking to qualify for Boston, all three courses are USATF certified.

They’re all scenic courses. Since the courses are typically nestled up in the mountains, you get some absolutely wonderful vistas as you run.

They’re runner friendly. Meaning? These races have a lot of wonderful runner perks, including some unique to the REVEL series.

Check out just some of what you get:

  • No silly registration “convenience” fees.
  • Social media discount and discount for forming or joining a team.
  • Great bib transfer and race withdrawal policies.
  • Free race photos.
  • Free personalized runner’s video.
  • Stylish men’s & women’s tech race shirts (with ability to choose tank top, short sleeve or long sleeve shirt).
  • Great finisher’s medal (these things are sweet).
  • Additional runner’s swag, like gloves and a mylar blanket for race morning.
  • Great food at the finish line. In addition to snacks you expect, REVEL races in the past have also had: pizza, chicken nuggets, fresh pie, soda and beer (for +21 runners).
  • These are races designed for runners by people who understand runners (let’s face it, we can be scary at times).

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Hi Trippers!

Many thanks to all of you who entered the “Race in My Place” contest.

And the winner of a FREE entry into the REVEL Rockies Race is: ABBIE SOLBERG.

But don’t worry, there are more contests to come.

I’ll be giving away a FREE entry to the REVEL Big Cottonwood Race (Sep. 13th in Salt Lake City) and the REVEL Canyon City Race (Nov. 15th near Los Angeles) in the weeks to come.

In the meantime, you can join Team “Tripping The Kenyans” and save up to $10 off each entry fee.

You can click on the links below:

Team Tripping The Kenyans- REVEL Big Cottonwood (Sep. 13th)


Team Tripping The Kenyans- REVEL Canyon City (Nov. 15th)

Have a great Thursday… and Run on!


Run The Rockies.

Run The Rockies.

Who wants to run a “mile high” marathon (or half marathon) in the “Mile High City”?


That’s right, my scheduling conflict is your benefit. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to run the REVEL Rockies Marathon/Half Marathon on August 17th in Denver, Colorado.

So I want you to run it in my place.

The great people at the REVEL Race Series are allowing me to give my entry to the REVEL Rockies race to one lucky Tripping The Kenyans reader.

And this is one cool race.

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Speedy and striking!

Speedy and striking!

Q: What’s better than running a half marathon or marathon?

A: How about running a half marathon or marathon that features a “fast as hell” downhill course? And how about a “scenic” fast as hell downhill course?

Q: What’s better than that?

A: Saving some money (aka cash, dough, coinage) while running a scenic, fast as hell, downhill half marathon or marathon.

Q: How much money?

A: How’s $10 grab you? Or better yet, how about a chance to run for FREE?

First things first.

Last week I was named one of the Revel Race Series ambassadors and it’s time to get the ball rolling… downhill.

Click on the image below to learn more about the REVEL Race Series and its trio of races (REVEL Rockies, REVEL Big Cottonwood and REVEL Canyon City).

I’ve just created team “Tripping The Kenyans” for both the REVEL Big Cottonwood and REVEL Canyon City races and here’s you chance to sign up for a team too.

Why join a team?

By signing up for a team, you can save $5 off of the price of registration. And coupled with the additional $5 Facebook discount available during checkout, you can save up to a total of $10 (pretty sweet).

And be sure to sign up before August 1st to beat the price increase on the REVEL Canyon City race.

And it’s worth noting that the REVEL Race Series does NOT have any of those annoying registration/convenience/nonsense fees that many other races tack on to hide additional costs.

And there’s additional team benefits:

  • Teams get a professional group photo taken at the race
  • Teams with 12+ members get tent space at the finish line
  • Teams are eligible to win a prize for the lowest average time in each race distance

So talk to your friends/running group and see about starting up your own team (and coming up with a cool name).

And you’re also all invited to join team Tripping The Kenyans (and can save up to $10 immediately). Just click on the links below:

Team Tripping The Kenyans- REVEL Big Cottonwood (Sep. 13th)


Team Tripping The Kenyans- REVEL Canyon City (Nov. 15th)


Yes, I did.

In addition to offering team discounts, I wanted to let you know in the upcoming days/weeks I’ll be running contests to give out a FREE registration for each of the three REVEL races.

And the first contest starts on Monday, August 4th. So be sure to check in and see about running a marathon “gratis.”

Join a team, save some cash… and Run on!


One of my favorite TV Shows, “Futurama,” often began episodes with quirky professor Hubert J. Farnsworth” walking into the conference room at Planet Express spouting his catchphrase: “Good news everybody.”

So, let me follow suit… “Good News Everybody.”

I’m finally able to officially announce that I’ve been chosen as one of the “Ambassadors” to the Revel Race Series (check it out by clicking here).

Like Shirley Temple Black, Henry Kissinger and the “older version” of Mr. Spock, each of us 14 Ambassadors gets to spread the word… about this cool series of races.

Read the rest of this entry

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