Hi Everybody,


Just keep moving.

Been swamped the past few weeks. But real life can keep you running ragged (that’s a different type of marathon). So just time for a quick update today.

My Los Angeles Marathon training is going full tilt boogie as my running coach is doing his best to see if he can make my legs explode. Between speed work and hill training, I’m definitely putting my man gams through some serious workouts. Here’s hoping all of the hard work pays off.

I’ve got the Surf City Half Marathon next Sunday (my first race of 2017). Now I wasn’t originally planning on running Surf City this year, but my coach wants me to use this race as a gauge to see what I should realistically be shooting for with the LA Marathon. So he wants me to run Surf City… hard. Real hard. Hell yeah!

And tomorrow morning our T2 team will be gathering pre-dawn as we log 21 glorious miles running all over Burbank and Glendale. It’s the second longest training run of the season (the 23 mile monster is in 3 weeks) and should be a fun four-hour jaunt.

And I did do one blog post (of sorts) this week. The gang at REVEL has asked if I’d craft a few posts for their blog this season. So for starters, I dusted off a classic Tripping the Kenyans post about race bibs, shortened it and updated it a tad. You can read it by clicking on the image below.


Click on REVEL!


That’s all for today as I’ve got a massive to do list to tackle… and laundry. Those running clothes aren’t going to wash themselves.

Run on!

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