“I’d run that for a dollar.”

Well, it’s day three of my “forced” running hiatus following Sunday’s LA Marathon. I figured I needed a few days to mend from the pounding I just did to my poor body (what did it ever do to me). And clearly a little downtime was good, especially since on Monday my sore legs and stiff neck (from sleeping wrong) had me walking around like “Robocop” (the classic one).

“Dead or alive, you’re running with me.”

Over the past 48 hours, I’ve been swimming in a sea of race memories… from checking out my race results online, to grimacing at the “proofs” from MarathonFoto and perusing Facebook for posts and photos from my friends (and also strangers) about the whole race experience.

And apparently feeding my running addiction.

Santa to the Sea

Get your decorations up early this year!

Since going to this weekend’s expo, I’ve signed up for three more races this year. I just gave the “thumbs up” to the Santa to the Sea Half Marathon (yes, I’m already signing up for my Christmas race) adding to the Ventura Half Marathon (Sep.) and Santa Barbara Half Marathon (Nov.). I just realized that I’ve now paid for all of my half/full marathons between now and January 2015. No wonder my credit card seems a little “melty.”

Oh, and this weekend I’ll be signing up for the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta, the annual 10K run on July 4th (I had to defer last year’s race, so I’m automatically in). It’s an intimate little run with a field limited to a teenie-weenie 55,000 runners.

Sweaty as a Peach!

Sweaty as a Peach!

So, tomorrow it’ll be time to step back onto the treadmill and let my legs know that “break time” is over. We’ve got some races to prep for.

Next race up, the Hollywood Half Marathon on April 5th. I just got done “Loving” LA and now it’s time to start “Hooraying” for Hollywood.

Run on!

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  1. I know what you mean about “swimming in a sea of race memories”! I do that, too!! I hope your legs are feeling better!! You have a lot of cool races coming up! I need to put more races on my calendar! Good luck with all of your training!!

    • Thanks…post race is one of the times I really like social media. I ran with my charity group T2 and everyone is posting their stuff. I’m seeing photos of myself I didn’t even know people took. And I’m kind of amazed that I’ve already signed up for so many races, but it will save me quite a bit of cash as opposed to waiting to the last minute. The Santa to the Sea race only cost me $58 where if I waited until October would cost me about $90. Over 16 races this year, that money adds up.

      • You’re right, signing up for races early is always a good idea- it definitely saves some money and wow, 16 races!! That’s a lot of adventures! It’s neat to run different events in different places!
        That’s cool to see yourself in so many different photos!! That’s always fun!

      • Yeah, good stuff. The one I’m currently excited about is the Madison half Marathon in August. It’s my college town and I haven’t been there since 2005. So, I love the idea of mixing a trip with a race… and Madison is such a beautiful city (when it isn’t snowing).

      • Yeah, I definitely love the idea of mixing the two (racing + trip). Those are always the best ones and sometimes most memorable! Have fun with that!! I’m sure you’ll have a great run and great trip!

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