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Hey Trippers!

Early morning yum.

Early morning yum.

Recently I got another bit of running good news as I found out I that I was admitted to “The Hive.”

Now that doesn’t mean I’m changing collegiate allegiances from Wisconsin to Georgia Tech (GT refers to their fanbase as “The Hive”). I’ll always be a Badger.

Nor does it mean I’m going to show my super-villain darkside and wage battle against the Teen Titans (it’s a DC comic book reference… click here for more).

Rather it means I’ve been accepted as a member of the Honey Stinger Grassroots Sponsorship Program.

As many of you know, I’m an ambassador to a pair of race series (REVEL, Lexus LaceUp)  as well as for running gear (PRO Compression).

Well, now I’m also spreading the word about Honey Stinger. Read the rest of this entry

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