Fact: when you run, you get sweaty.

In my case, you get stupid sweaty.

Cover your sweaty self!

Cover your sweaty self!

It’s not so bad being covered in sweat right after a run or race. It’s like a testament to the workout and you’re simply showing the world that you’re drenched with “liquid awesome.”

But as the minutes tick by, that glow of accomplishment is quickly replaced by the harsh reality… you’re just sweaty. And probably rather fragrant too.

And who wants to get in their car and drive home dripping with sweat? It feels awful and you can just imagine your sweat seeping into the car’s seats, creating a permanent potpourri of runner’s funk.

Now you see my pants; now you don't.

Now you see my pants; now you don’t.

Of course, you could change clothes right after your run, but odds are you’re in a parking lot and the only changing facility nearby is a nasty park restroom or worst yet, a porta-potty that smells far more horrific than you do.

And hopefully you’re not going to just “drop trou” in the parking lot and let the world see your “business.”

Well, for those of us who want to change out of our nasty running clothes before we hop behind the wheel and don’t want to risk racking up an indecent exposure charge, there is a cool running accessory out there from the fine folks at OrangeMud.

For those of you who don’t know OrangeMud, these guys make some great hydration products (“the Hydraquiver” series) and other running accessories.

Check ’em out here:

Click on the logo!

Click on the logo!

They’ve come up with a really cool way to keep your car clean and allow you to retain a modicum of modesty.

It’s called the “Transition and Seat Wrap” or just “The Wrap” for short.

At first glance, The Wrap looks like a big and comfy towel. But if you’ve ever tried to change using a regular towel, you know how the damn thing won’t stay in place.

Change things up.

Change things up.

Well, this little running buddy secures around your waist with a built in belt clip. And once you’ve got it locked in, The Wrap doesn’t move.

Seriously, I’ve jumped up and down wearing The Wrap and it stayed in place.

You’re free to change willy nilly without your “willy” making an impromptu appearance. And The Wrap is big enough (30″ x 60″) that it works for both gents and ladies.

I used The Wrap recently at the Disneyland Half Marathon (changing in the parking structure) and it worked like a charm as my unmentionables remained unmentioned.

Cover me!

Cover me!

This alone makes The Wrap worth adding to your running gear collection, but you should also know that this cool transition towel is basically also a “Transformer.”

No, it won’t change into a heavily armed CGI robot that will be your best friend and protect the earth from the evil forces of the Decepticons.

But The Wrap has a zipper, allowing you to create a hoodie that you can drape over you car seat as a cover to keep it dry and clean when you sit your funky self down. Cool.

And once you do get home, you can simply toss The Wrap in the washer to clean away all of your accumulated nastiness.

Here’s a link to The Wrap page at OrangeMud.

For those of you who have to be stylish when you sweat, The Wrap comes in a slew of colors, so choose away.

And here’s an extra bonus that you won’t find in the instructions…

If you find yourself in a pinch and need a makeshift kilt, The Wrap can cover you up and let you channel your inner “Braveheart.”


Cover your bad self… and Run on!

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