Winners: eBibs 2.0

Hi Trippers,

The bibs are up and the eBibs 2.0 contest has ended.

Thanks for for sponsoring the contest.

And a big round of thanks to everyone who entered… some really great eBibs. I wish I could give every one of you awards; it was really tough to decide.

But with very little further ado… ado ado ado ado.

Okay, that’s enough ado.  Here are the winners:

from cdmauger!

from cdmauger!


from runner1313!

from rmarier2014!

from rmarier2014!


Our winners will each get a “running caricature” created just for them, which will hopefully be funny fodder for dozens of new eBibs (you can be sure I’ll post them here on Tripping The Kenyans).

Or you can go create your own eBib by clicking on the image below (or go visit

Click here to create your own eBib.

Click here to create your own eBib.

Thanks again for participating.

Get cartoonized… and Run on!

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  1. Thanks again for hosting this fun contest! Stunned that I won a prize after seeing so many great entries! Can’t wait to see the results!!! Thanks again!

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