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Red rover, red rover... let your rover come over.

Red rover, red rover… let your rover come over.

Just a quick post today as I’m knee-deep working on a script (don’t you hate it when that day job intrudes on your running banter).

Actually, it’s really a repost. I saw a cute article at Runner’sWorld.com about the Martian rover Opportunity.

When the rover touched down on our nearest planetary neighbor in 2004, it had a projected mission duration (aka “life expectancy”) of 93 days. And it was only supposed to travel about 600 meters.

Eleven years (over 4,000 days) later, Opportunity is still roving around Mars. Talk about taking the phrase “Keep on Truckin'” to the extreme!

And in a few weeks, Opportunity will cross the 26.2 mile mark, meaning it will have traveled the distance of a marathon. Yup, this little six-wheeled intergalactic “train that could” will claim victory in the first ever Martian Marathon.

You can read the full article by clicking here.

You've earned it Opportunity.

You’ve earned it Opportunity.

So, Opportunity completed a marathon in just over 11 years.

Suddenly I don’t feel so slow. In fact, compared to Opportunity I’m a Kenyan!

Of course, if Opportunity tries to trip me I’ll smack him right in the solar panel.

Now we just need a new mission to Mars to send up Opportunity’s finisher medal and one of those cool 26.2 bumper stickers.

Boldly go… and Run on!

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  1. Well, speaking of extra-planetary running, you could always join “Moon Joggers,” (who, since exceeding their collective running milage of the distance to the moon, have set their sights on cumulating milage equal to the distances of neighboring planet(s). (Mars comes to mind…) So, you can claim (collectively) having “ran” there, putting that 11 year marathon the rover did on the planet’s surface into perspective.)

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