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Hi Trippers!

Red rover, red rover... let your rover come over.

Red rover, red rover… let your rover come over.

Just a quick post today as I’m knee-deep working on a script (don’t you hate it when that day job intrudes on your running banter).

Actually, it’s really a repost. I saw a cute article at Runner’ about the Martian rover Opportunity.

When the rover touched down on our nearest planetary neighbor in 2004, it had a projected mission duration (aka “life expectancy”) of 93 days. And it was only supposed to travel about 600 meters. Read the rest of this entry


“Once more unto the breach, dear friends.” -Willy “Billy Bob” Shakespeare

Put me on the Cover... pretty please.

Put me on the Cover… pretty please.

This past March I asked for your help by throwing a vote my way to become one of the ambassadors for A Runner’s Circle.*

Unfortunately fortune did not share its fortune with me that day and I had to give one of those presidential concession speeches where I thanked the people who whipped my butt in a public forum while I appeared to be happy. You know, like those reaction shots of the people at the Academy Awards whose name isn’t in the envelope and later say “It was just “an honor to be nominated.”

Well, I’ve decided to once more give it the “college try” when it comes to public opinion.

This past week Runner’s World magazine announced its latest contest where one lucky man and woman each will be chosen as cover models for an upcoming issue.

Read the rest of this entry

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