Hi Trippers!

Just a quick post today with two tidbits.

First off, a “Cartoonified” Contest update. Be sure to post your running photos at Tripping The Kenyan’s Facebook page (and give us a “like” while you’re there) for a chance to win a free caricature from the artists at “” The contest runs until 5:00pm PST on Thursday, May 1st.

Winner gets a custom caricature and two runner ups win “Gone Running” signs.

Below is another example of the handiwork from the artists at This is Corrado, one of my T2 running buddies captured during the 2014 LA Marathon and his caricature on an eBib.


And one other tidbit before I run (figuratively today). It’s a link to a video sure to make you laugh. Long before Pharrell William’s oscar-nominated feel good song “Happy” graced the silver screen, there was a “happy” song of a very different sort.

Animation fans who are familiar with the John Kricfalusi’s twisted and “ahead of its time” series “Ren & Stimpy” jump up and down at the mention of the “Happy Happy, Joy Joy Song.”

I dare you to add it to your running mix.

And yes, I’ll teach your grandmother to suck eggs (trust me, you’ll understand after you hear it).

"I don't think you're happy enough."

“I don’t think you’re happy enough.”

Have a great Sunday… and Run on!

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