When it comes to prepping for a race, I do have a bit of runner’s OCD… okay, heaps and heaps of OCD. Just ask my girlfriend.

Just packing a few items.

Just packing a few items.

The night before a race my inner “Rainman” comes out as I make certain I have a place for everything and everything is in its place.

My clothing is strategically laid out (with my bib already attached) and all of my racing necessities are assembled like a running survival kit.

It’s quite a sight to behold… in a funny/mildly disturbing way. And from what I hear from my fellow running friends, I’m not alone in my race prep obsessiveness (crazy loves company).

With that in mind, this weekend’s festivities (3 races in 33 hours in 2 different states) should be something bordering on a Benny Hill skit (for those of you sadly not in the know of Benny Hill, you can insert the Three Stooges or Marx Brothers… please tell me you know them).

We miss you Benny!

We miss you Benny!

Instead of prepping for one race (which is hectic enough), I need to simultaneously get ready for three… in three different cities… back to back to back…. with a plane flight in between.

Yup, these are my “racing triplets.”

Oh shit.

For someone who likes to prepare as much as possible, this is going to be quite the change of pace.

Can I get another micro bag of peanuts please?

Can I get another tiny bag of peanuts please?

Put bluntly, I’m going to be flying by the seat of my sweaty running shorts (hopefully not literally).

Yup, I’ve already decided on what outfits I’m going to wear (of course I have to bring a few additional items to prepare for weather conditions).

But when it comes to deadlines, air travel and hotels, Murphy’s law definitely likes to rear it’s chaotic little head.

The best I can do is go with the flow and keep humming “Que Sera Sera” should things go off the running rails.

At least it won’t be boring.

Run on… and on… and on!

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  1. Well, you could be me, and work the next six days straight. I’d rather be you facing the packing challenges.

  2. I always enjoy the race prep, sometimes my wife razzes me to the effect of, “Okay, the race is Sunday, we’re leaving Saturday morning . . . why are you packing on Tuesday?” I’ll admit to a bit of “attention to detail” . . . wearing this to the expo, wearing this post race, etc. But that’s just planning, not neurosis, right? RIGHT?

    OCD – One Crazy Dude

    • Hell yeah that’s planning. I catch a lot of guff from my girlfriend about my running OCD. But at least I know I’m not alone out there in my “detail attentioning.”

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