Hey Everyone,

REVEL bling!

REVEL bling!

So, the first leg of my crazy half marathon “trifecta” is in the books.

This morning I ran the inaugural REVEL Canyon City Half Marathon.

And I had a blast.

Meeting up with several of my running friends, we trekked down the San Gabriel Mountains in Angeles National Park on a beautiful fall morning.

I have to admit it was rather difficult to rein things in and not pick up my pace as I made my way down the mountain. I had planned to run an 11:30 pace, but came in at 11:00 min/mile (guess my tortoise pace had a little hare in it after all).

But I felt at ease and not tired at all as I crossed the finish line and grabbed a neat piece of race bling.

Here’s the stats:

REVEL Canyon City stats.

REVEL Canyon City stats.

No time to rest, however, as I still have two more runs to go this weekend.

Next up is the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon. And it almost got off to non-heroic start. Due to some crazy traffic, Lindy and I didn’t arrive at the Disneyland Hotel for the expo until 3:58pm. Fortunately the expo was open until 5:00pm.

Except it wasn’t.

The expo closed at 4:00pm.

Oh shit.

Just as I was handed my bib, an ominous voice popped over the loudspeaker saying the expo was now officially closed. We made a quick dash up to the main hall to get my tech shirt as all of the vendors were closing up shop.

And the Disney expo personnel didn’t even want to let us take a quick photo against the Avengers’ backdrop. But just as I was about to plead my case, several of my running friends: Donielle, Alicia and Jamila showed up and they were not to be denied our Kodak moment.

Here’s the proof:

Smile and say "hero."

Smile and say “hero.”

And it was nice to finally introduce my running friends to Lindy.

After a casual dinner with Lindy (she had to make an impromptu drive back home to retrieve her passport), it’s time to relax and get ready for tomorrow.

I’ve got my running gear laid out and a wake-up call set for 3am. Oof!

And after we “Avenge” in and around Disneyland, things will get even crazier as we embark on the third leg of the trifecta. It involves a mad dash to LAX for a flight to “sin city” for the Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to post again until after Vegas, so wish me luck!

Have a great night… and Run on!

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  1. You need a passport to travel to Las Vegas from California??
    I did not know that!!


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