For those of you who’ve been checking Tripping The Kenyans over the past few weeks, you’ve definitely noticed a lack of Scott.


It ain’t just a magazine.

Yup, no running tales, no silly remarks, no mildly inappropriate comments and no painful puns (I’m sure some of you are grateful for that last one).

It’s been bit of an unplanned blogging MIA month.

I have been running. Yes indeed.

Since my last post back in late October I’ve run two races: The REVEL Canyon City Half Marathon and the Lexus LaceUp Palos Verdes 10K. I had a fun time (and decent finish times) at both races. And I continue my training with Team To End AIDS for the 2016 LA Marathon.


..and it’s more than just a game.

But no blogging.

I wish I had some awesome reason for my silence: like I had to go off-grid to lead a desperate Black Ops mission to protect the world from invading alien mutant chihuahuas (that’d be cool).

Nope, nothing as heroic and “world-savey” like that. Life just got a little busier than normal.

Since I’m a producer/writer by trade, I spend a big portion of my waking hours pounding on the keyboard… writing about other stuff than running (say it isn’t so). And sometimes at the end of a long day, my creative juices are simply out of juice.

Over the last few weeks, however, things have ramped up even more than I expected. A whole heap of writing, not mention spending a week at the American Film Market pedaling a pair of projects (it went well, fingers crossed). And a few other fires to put out on top of that.

Which has left me with a little brain drain and finger fatigue. And I’m now at my parents’ place in Atlanta for the holiday which leaves me little opportunity for blogging this week because I want to spend some quality family time… oh, and pig out too.

Hopefully I can carve out some more time when I get back to LA next week.


First we run, then we eat (a lot).

One last note, as you read this I should be in the middle of (or have just finished) running the Atlanta Half Marathon. FYI, I’ll be running the race with my sister-in-law and my niece (her very first half marathon). And by “running with” I mean watching them as they leave me in the dust.

I love Thanksgiving races because not only is it a festive time, but also because generating a 2000 calorie deficit first thing on Turkey Day morning helps me prep for the feast to come… and yes, I will be having seconds (and perhaps thirds) before collapsing on the sofa for a heaping helping of football (Packers play the late game woo-hoo).

I am indeed thankful.

A Happy Turkey Day to everyone… and Run on!

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  1. hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I tried to leave a response earlier but it didn’t post and vaporized into blogosphere. I ran at a local Turkey Trot, which was pretty fun and the Vegas 5k Rock N Roll Marathhon which was super cool.

    • Thanks for the note and darn that vaporizing blogosphere… I’ve lost many things in that internet ether. Thanksgiving was good. I enjoyed the Atlanta Half Marathon although I seemed to be a little off (couldn’t get into a good rhythm). At least I managed to make room for extra turkey. I enjoyed the Rock ‘N Roll Vegas race last year… I’m assuming the 5K was run entirely on the strip (rather scenic). Any other races planned for this year?

  2. Nothing for this year but next year might be busy. LA, it will be my first full marathon so I am in the open corral, stuffed way in the back where I won’t get trampled, hopefully the Hot Chocolate 5k in San Diego and a Color Run somewhere with a family member, fingers crossed that I can do the Big Cottonwood Marathon, and then definitely the Vegas Half and 5k. I can safely say that I believe I have become hooked on running. I would rather spend money on running gear than regular clothes and shoes.

    • You’re gonna love LA… next year will be my 7th time running it and it’s a great scenic course with lots of fans lining the course. And my wardrobe is very heavily weighted toward running garb. I used to have separate closet just for my running stuff.

  3. By the way, what kind of snacks are on L.A. finishers menu? Good snacks will give me added incentive to finish. That and the bathrooms. And coffee. Oh and the medal.

    • The LA finish snacks are actually pretty standard fare… water, bananas, bagels, cookies and chips. But if it’s warm out they typically have chilled towels at the finish (awesome). Of course the best part is you finish right on Ocean blvd by the water, Third St. Promenade and Santa Monica Pier. Oh and since it’ll be Valentine’s Day they could always have something up their sleeves.

      • Hmmm…no doughnuts? I hope I have enough umph ledt to stump my way to the Promenade to get one before Ubering my way home. It dawned on me that Uber to Dodger Stadium = extra sleep. Yay

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