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Hi Trippers!

Is that a "compliment sandwich" or a Cuban?

Is that a “compliment sandwich” or a Cuban?

Rather than one lengthy post, just a few miscellaneous tidbits to share today.

And it’s a running version of the “compliment sandwich” where you put two good things around a bad in the hopes that it goes down better.

So let the “bitting of tids” commence:

TIDBIT #1- Start with the good

This weekend I got a package in the mail that I’ve been waiting on.

Look, I've got a star on the Walk of Fame.

Look, I’ve got a star on the Walk of Fame.

And no it’s not the June delivery for the “fruit of the month club” (which I believe would have been kiwi fruit… which I still think look like soft baby coconuts). Nope, inside a big ole box was the mile marker sign from the Hollywood Half Marathon. If you remember, I mentioned that the HHM ran a contest to have each mile of the race “presented” by one of the runners… and lo and behold my moniker graced Mile 5.

Ken and Sabrina Nwadike (and the gang at Superhero Events) saw to it that the sign made its way to me. A great memento from a fun race. Now I just need to find me a shadow box and some free wall space.

TIDBIT #2- Add a slab of bad

After a week of babying my injured left leg following the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, I finally went to the gym this morning to see how things felt. Unfortunately, the report was not 100% A-OK. I loosened up fine on the treadmill, but things weren’t so good on the elliptical. After about ten minutes, I could still feel some tightness in the back of my left leg. Rather than risk it, I cut my workout short and headed home. While I’m not thrilled that it’s still bugging me, I’ve got time to let it heal as my next race isn’t for almost 4 weeks and it’s a 10K. I should hopefully be right as rain by then.

TIDBIT #3- End with some more good

Light 'em up!

Light ’em up!

The force is strong with this one. Yup, get ready for months of bad Star Wars puns as I’ve officially joined the rebellion and signed up for the Disney Star Wars Half Marathon. I’m thrilled that I’ll be running the race with a whole bunch of my Team to End AIDS (T2) friends… or should I say my fellow jedi knights. And I will dress up in some fashion for the race. So if you know of a place where I can get some running jedi robes wholesale (complete with purple “bad mofo” lightsaber) or dri-fit Stormtrooper armor, give me a shout.

I’ve got a “good” feeling about this… and Run on!

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