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Hi Trippers!

To quote the very well known saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Well, if that’s the case then this past weekend’s Hollywood Half Marathon spoke volumes.

As an excellent runner’s perk, the race directors arranged for all of the participants to get digital downloads of all of their race photos (from MarathonFoto) for free. Since that service typically costs $39.95 on MF, that is one heckuva race perk.

So, thanks again to the Hollywood Half Marathon for allowing me to download a heap of photos of my sweaty mug without the words “PROOF ONLY” blazoned over my face and torso.

Say cheese… and Run on!


Old time Camera

Now that’s a camera!

An e-mail showed up in my inbox today that simultaneously filled me with excitement and dread.

“Race photos are ready for your review.”

NOTE: I’m not talking about the millions of smartphone pics and selfies snapped pre/during/post race by runners that will end up as Facebook or Instagram posts. That is a blog for another day. Today, I’m talking about the photos taken by the “pros.”

I ran the New Year’s Race half marathon on Saturday and the fine folks at Marathon Foto (one of the main race photo services) were on hand, snapping away like there was no tomorrow. And now those Kodak moments were primed for my perusal.

You see, deep down everyone wants a formal memento of their race experience. This is something you trained weeks or even months for and that moment is finally happening. How cool would it be to have a professional image of your accomplishment captured and framed for all to see… that iconic pose of you running triumphantly along the street and displaying perfect racing form.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? And it is, in theory.

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