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Hi Trippers!

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Traffic Shmaffic!

So, I’m one week out from the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon and this morning was my final long taper run. Typically, I go with 8 miles the week before a race (old habit).

However, I didn’t have a good training week, for whatever reason, and I felt inclined to add a few more miles today… upping it from an “ocho” to a nice round “diez.”

Speaking of inclines (cue snare drum) I was looking over the elevation chart for San Diego and goodness gracious there is a significant hill. Let me rephrase that, a real bitch of a hill. Yup, a 300′ elevation gain in one mile. Makes me wonder if they’ll supply climbing gear.

And this bigger than a molehill occurs at mile 20, right when plenty of runners are slamming headfirst into “the wall.” So apparently we not only have to run through the wall, we also have to climb over the bastard too.

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Good luck finding this in Redbox.

Good luck finding this in Redbox.

Hey “Trippers!”

And no, this post is not about the George Burns/Charlie Schlatter “body switching” Freaky Friday wannabe flick from the 80s. I’ll wait while you check out IMDB to see if this movie actually exists or if I’m just making this crap up.


Anyway, yesterday I talked about doing my first “solo” long run (17-18 mile) of 2014 and few of my trepidations.

17 or 18 miles, what was it going to be?

Well, for those of you wondering (and if you were truly wondering, thank you, but you really should consider a different hobby), today was indeed an 18-mile jaunt around Burbank and in Griffith Park.

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Empty Road

On the road again.

So between work being uber-crazy and constantly watching “March Madness” (Go Badgers) in my peripheral vision, my day has been rather hectic.

But tomorrow morning I’ll be up at the crack of dawn (funny, whenever someone says or I write “crack of dawn” I hear an imaginary rooster crowing in my head… weird). As I was saying, I’ll be up at the crack of dawn (there it is again… sorry) to do double duty on a run. It’s my last long run before the Hollywood Half Marathon on April 5th, but it’s also a training run to stay in marathon shape for the OC Marathon on May 4th. So, I’ll be doing 17 or 18 miles in and around Burbank. No big deal right… I mean I just did 20 & 23 mile training runs with Team To End AIDS back in February. One difference…

I’ll be running solo.

And it’ll be a little weird.

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