Hi Trippers!

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Traffic Shmaffic!

So, I’m one week out from the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon and this morning was my final long taper run. Typically, I go with 8 miles the week before a race (old habit).

However, I didn’t have a good training week, for whatever reason, and I felt inclined to add a few more miles today… upping it from an “ocho” to a nice round “diez.”

Speaking of inclines (cue snare drum) I was looking over the elevation chart for San Diego and goodness gracious there is a significant hill. Let me rephrase that, a real bitch of a hill. Yup, a 300′ elevation gain in one mile. Makes me wonder if they’ll supply climbing gear.

And this bigger than a molehill occurs at mile 20, right when plenty of runners are slamming headfirst into “the wall.” So apparently we not only have to run through the wall, we also have to climb over the bastard too.

Which made me wonder if I should toss in a last bout of hill work. I considered doing two laps in Griffith Park this morning, which would include a pair of trips up “Holy F$%#ing S@!t Hill” (so eloquent, I know).

But in the end I decided to trek a ten-pack of flat miles and do a little speed work. So, I took off along one of my tried and true routes.

I started at my normal home base in Griffith Park and then made my way out along Riverside Drive, past the equestrian center (yay, horsies). Hang a right at Disney Studios (Mickey was nowhere to be seen this morning) and make my way along the streets of Burbank with a little quality time on the Chandler bike path before “chucking a U-ey” (I really don’t know how to spell that, but it sounds cool… seriously, say it) and heading for home. It’s a fun route with one exception: intersections.

In whipping along this route you are forced to cross a few major streets: Alameda, Olive, Victory, Magnolia and others. Which means either timing the traffic lights just right (a true art form I’m told) or being forced to wait for a “green light” while standing there looking pissed at the traffic light gods. Now, when I’m with a running group we do follow the rules of the road. When I’m solo, however, I get a little more “mavericky” and decide to selectively perform one of my favorite dance steps: “The Jaywalk” (perhaps you’ve seen it).

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Bring on the dots!

Once I make certain the coast is clear (or relatively clear) I dart across the road like a human version of the classic arcade game “Frogger.” I swear I can even hear the 8-bit song playing in my head as I make my way across the street (looking for that bonus insect and dodging that pesky alligator). Kids of the ’80s you’ll get the reference. As for the rest of you whippersnappers, download the retro app and have a blast (it’ll provide a momentary diversion from Candy Crush Saga).

A good solid taper run today at a nice clip and I am quite ready to rock it next Sunday down in San Diego (which according to Ron Burgandy is German for “A whale’s vagina”).

And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m hungry as heck and about to go channel another classic arcade game: Pac-Man. Bon appétit or as Pac-Man (and Fozzie Bear)  would say “wakka wakka.”

Have a good holiday weekend and… Run on!

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  1. Yeah, I know some folks who’ve run RnR San Diego and they say that mile 20 hill is brutal. Good luck! The wife and I are doing the half marathon relay, so I get the 7.1 mile downhill stretch. But the highlight of the weekend for me is going to be the 3 mile shakeout run with Meb on Saturday morning . . . totally psyched about that and also the appearances by Ryan Hall and Rita Jeptoo at the expo.

    • Yeah, should be an interesting hill… and by interesting I mean an utter mofo. At least I know to expect it. I’ll be down there come Friday at lunchtime (expo on Saturday) so hopefully we can bump into each other again.

  2. Wow, the course sounds challenging, but I know you’re going to rock it!!! You train really hard and are going to see success!!! 🙂 Have a great weekend!!!

    • Thanks Kristin. I’m heading down with the girlfriend (she’s not running) on Friday so we can goof off for an extra day. This will be my 3rd marathon in 3 months, so I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do (hopefully it won’t be too hot).

      • Ohhh wow, you are rockin’ and rollin’ with the marathons!! That’s fantastic!!! You’re going to have a good time!!! I’m sure your girlfriend will have a great time with ya!!! Sounds like an adventure!!

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