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Hey Trippers!

Last week I posted two pieces about bling. One on the importance of finisher’s medals and one discussing the proliferation of “Challenge medals.”

"Pay it forward" with bling.

“Pay it forward” with bling.

Given the responses from the community at large, finishers medals clearly have different meanings to all of us. For some of us it’s all about the bling, whereas for others the medals are a nice token reminder of a race but quickly forgotten.

Well, as an epilogue to those stories, I wanted to bring to your attention an option for those of you who are looking to “cull their bling herd” or have extra medals just collecting dust in a drawer. It’s a small gesture on your part, but it could mean so much more to a child.

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This year's model will be wearing "blue."

This year’s model will be wearing “blue.”

I had a non-running friend recently tell me that they thought “finisher’s medals” were getting out of hand and did we even really need ’em in the first place?

I tried not to get huffy. After all, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Of course if I had had a finisher’s medal handy I might have clubbed them to death with it (some of them are rather large).

But I wanted to give their opinion some thought.

Saturday morning I’ll be pounding the pavement for 13.1 miles down and back along the “Avenue of the Stars” at the Hollywood Half Marathon. And once I cross the finish line and stop my GPS, one of the wonderful race volunteers will hang a blue star-shaped medal around my neck. Read the rest of this entry

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