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Last week I posted two pieces about bling. One on the importance of finisher’s medals and one discussing the proliferation of “Challenge medals.”

"Pay it forward" with bling.

“Pay it forward” with bling.

Given the responses from the community at large, finishers medals clearly have different meanings to all of us. For some of us it’s all about the bling, whereas for others the medals are a nice token reminder of a race but quickly forgotten.

Well, as an epilogue to those stories, I wanted to bring to your attention an option for those of you who are looking to “cull their bling herd” or have extra medals just collecting dust in a drawer. It’s a small gesture on your part, but it could mean so much more to a child.

A program exists called “Medals 4 Mettle” where donated race finisher’s medals (half marathon, marathon and triathlon) are given to sick children fighting life-threatening illnesses and severe disabilities.

Check out the Medals 4 Mettle website by clicking on the picture below.

Medals 4 Mettle Website

Medals 4 Mettle Website

Their slogan: “Someone is in a tougher race than you right now.”

When training for a race we think of the dedication, determination and struggles we must overcome in order to go the distance. Yet once we reach the finish line we are rewarded for our efforts with a shiny medal. Run and done. Time to look for the next race.

The contribution from my wall.

The contribution from my wall.

For these children, the path to the finish line and recovery is so much more challenging than anything you or I will probably ever face. And while they show incredible bravery and resilience, the outcome of their race is far from certain.

During a race, we’ve got the support of the cheering crowd and the energy of our fellow racers to help us through the tough miles. Well, here’s a chance to cheer on someone who is facing “the wall” for real and could use an extra push to break through.

As a child remember how excited we were anytime we received a certificate, a ribbon, or a trophy for participating in an event. A little goes a long way and it isn’t hard to imagine the smile you’ll put on a deserving child’s face when someone hangs a medal around their neck and says “You are a real champion.”

So, here is my plea to you… look amongst your bling collection and find just one medal (or more) that you can part with. Take it out of the drawer or down off of the wall and send it to Medals 4 Mettle. You’ll still have plenty of medals to look at and the knowledge that your gift is bringing a smile to the face of child.

Now that is the power of bling.

Run on!


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  1. I really don’t see what someone else’s medal would mean to these children…
    With that being said, I do admire and respect every person, especially children, going through a tough time.. and wish for their recovery.

    • It’s a tribute to the journey people who have serious, possibly terminal, illnesses go through. It’s to honor their struggle.

    • I don’t think it’s the fact that we ran for a medal that means a lot. I think we’re just the source for the medals (there are quite a few races out there). They put new ribbons on them and give them to the kids in either a ceremony or visiting them in their rooms. I think it’s that attention and acknowledgment and the feeling of having that around their neck that works the magic.

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