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Here’s a bad joke.

MOM (to young son): “Are you going out?”

SON: “Yes.”

MOM: “Do you have on clean underwear?”

SON: “Why?”

MOM: “In case you’re in an accident.”

SON: “If I’m in an accident I’m going to poop my pants anyway, so what does it matter if they’re clean now.”

Like I said, a bad joke.

But it does bring up a good point, not about underwear mind you, but about being protected if you’re ever in an accident or injured while running.

And two recent tragic events hammer this point home.

Rynn Berry suffered a cardiac arrest while running through Prospect Park in NYC on New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately, he wasn’t carrying any ID and he remained “unidentified” for days. A social media blitz splashed his picture everywhere and eventually Berry’s half-brother saw a photo and identified him. Sadly, Berry passed away.

And earlier this week another runner, Meg Menzies, was tragically struck and killed by a drunk driver as she was training for the upcoming Boston Marathon. While Meg did have identification on her, it shows that accidents can happen without warning.

So, do you carry an ID when you run?

If not, then start. Today! ASAP!

Not only should someone always know where and when you run, but also you need to have some form of identification on you in case something happens and you’re unconscious or unable to speak.

Some people carry their IDs in their pockets or on their fuel belt. Others put it in their iPhone case/holder. Good job.

But what if you don’t have pockets or if you’re like me and would rather not lug around your driver’s license. It’s still no excuse not to have some type of identification on you.

At the charity group I run with (Team to End AIDS), one of the first things they did on “Day One” was give each runner an emergency ID tag to fill out and attach to one of our shoes. No runner is ever allowed to leave our basecamp without an ID tag.

Fortunately, they’re not hard to find. You can purchase emergency tags on-line or at practically any running specialty store.

Road ID wrist band

It’s all in the wrist.

I decided to go one step further and purchased a personalized shoe tag from RoadID. This company specializes in ID tags and sports safety gear. For $20 – $30 you can order a personalized metal tag and band (for your shoe or to wear on your wrist) with your emergency contact info etched right on it.

I even opted for the “interactive version” which allows you to upload your full medical history and create an “Emergency Response Profile” (ERP). In the event of an emergency, an EMT, police officer or first responder can type in your PIN and access your full records. It’s also nice because if you move or want to change your contact list you don’t have to order a new tag.

Think of it as a sports version of the “medical alert bracelet.” I’ve even recommended that my dad wear one on his wrist whenever he goes out.

There are other ID bracelets on the market, such as GoSportID, XtremeSportsID and SportsTagID, along with several others. Check them out and see which is right for you.

But whatever method you use, carrying your driver’s license or using a shoe/wrist tag, never ever leave your house for a run without carrying some kind of identification.

And clean underwear is a good idea too.

Run on!

(Please list any other ID products, methods or strategies you use)

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