Just a quick bonus post today. I was perusing through the ASICS 2014 LA Marathon “Official Race Program” when I came across a surprising picture and article on Page 59. Click on the page below.


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There for all to see was a photo of my pace group (Team Roadkill) and I from Team To End AIDS as part of the article on the charity groups running the race. T2 is one of the official charity groups for the LA Marathon.

The snapshot was taken at the finish of our 23-mile celebration run from mid-February. And of course the camera managed to catch me (I’m on the right of the photo… #112… looking like I’m half past dead) in one of my more unflattering moments, right next to Kevin’s (our Pace Group leader’s) armpit. Woo-hoo!

Yay, armpits!

Put your hands in the air because we DO care!

Still it’s a nice memento and something I’m thrilled to be part of… armpit and all.

Check out all of the Official Race Program here.

Program Cover

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  1. How cool!! Only genetically gifted marvels of humanity look good in running pictures. You look fine! You can Photoshop the armpit and that pic is good for framing.

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