“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”  -Vivian Greene


Blame it on the Rain!

When I was little and after playing would come inside covered from head to toe in mud, my mother would look to the sky and say “Sometimes I wonder if you have the common sense to come in out of the rain.”

Well mom, 35 or so years later I can finally give you a definitive response to your query.

The answer is an unequivocal “No.”

In fact, as I’ve gotten older… and allegedly more mature… I actually am doing my damnedest to look for the rain (literal and figurative) and storm out into it like I’m reenacting the “Charge of the Light Brigade”…without quite as much artillery, mind you.

At our Saturday morning T2 training run, Coach JC gave us the “heads up” that a storm was brewing on the horizon and next week we are most likely going to be running in the rain. In one regard it’s a very good thing, as California is in the midst of drought conditions and the news is predicting the heaviest rain in two years. Can you say “Storm Watch 2014?” We like to be a little dramatic in Los Angeles; it’s our thing.

This training season we’ve had pretty great weather and this will be our lone run dealing with “less than ideal” conditions. After assuring us that we wouldn’t melt (probably) and that you can only get so wet, JC gave a few tips to the first-timers about preparing for the wet weather… break out an older pair of shoes if you’ve got ‘em; wear a disposable poncho or garbage bag; tech gear is a must (cotton is like a big sponge) and beware of gratuitous chafing.

In the midst of JC’s speech, I scanned our entire running group (about 100 marathoners/future marathoners in total). While I saw a tinge of trepidation on the faces of some newbies, the alumni runners seemed to wear the same kind of defiant smirk, as if to say to Mother Nature, “Bring it bitch.”

Running in the Rain

“I’m melting! I’m melting!”

As fairly seasoned runners, we don’t fear the rain or most any kind of weather for that matter, but rather accept it as just another rock making up “Challenge Mountain.” And we plan to climb that sucker, reach the peak and pop a cold one as we plant our flag.

I’ve got plenty of experience running in the rain. I’ve done a 23-mile training run in a downpour and a 20-mile jaunt where it rained so hard that it actually fried my iPod, not to mention numerous training runs when “Raindrops kept falling on my head” (cue Burt Bacharach).

Now, I did not participate in the famed “Monsoon Marathon” that was the 2011 LA Marathon, so many of my running buddies have one up on me. But I have run a half marathon or two (and a couple of 10Ks) where the sky decided to open up even though the meteorologists predicted “Little to no chance of precipitation.” Hacks.

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing I like more than running on a day when the conditions outside are perfect, but you need to have the occasional crappy day to truly appreciate the good ones… right? Besides, “Into every life a little rain must fall” (I hope you appreciate the restraint I’m showing in not blatantly overusing rain metaphors).

So, I shall sign off by saying that if life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And since the weather gods will apparently be supplying plenty of water on Saturday, I’m going to bring along a big ole Costco-sized sack of lemons. If anyone can remember to grab a bag of sugar at the grocery store, we should be in business… I’m thinking 10 cents a glass in memory of that kid who all those years ago didn’t listen to his mom and danced in the rain. Cheers.

Run on!

(And I’ll be sure to follow up this post to let you know how the weather plays out on Saturday.)

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  1. I can’t stand running in the rain. :). Blame it on living in a country where it doesn’t rain much.
    When it comes to rain and running, if life gives me lemons, I’m going home to make myself a lemon pie.

    • I definitely equate running in the rain to earning a “badge of courage.” It makes for great stories afterward (it rains harder with each successive telling of the tale), but it’s not so much fun during. I remember my 20-mile run in a total downpour and about 14-miles thinking “I am totally done with this sh#t.” But you keep going forward and break on through.

  2. Ha! I just read that if life gives you lemons, to make tequila shots. 🙂

  3. “Bring it bitch!”

    You tell ‘er! Run on, Crazy Legs! (Ooooh, good nickname for you, what with the Madison/Wisconsin connection…)

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