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This past week at the PGA Championship, veteran golfer (and golf fashion nightmare) John Daly played a hole he’d rather forget.

He should have gotten a penalty for those pants.

He should have gotten a penalty for those pants.

During the second round on the par 3 10th hole, Daly put a trio of balls in the water to score a “septuple” bogey (that’d be a 10). He responded by hurling his club into Lake Michigan.

Basically he had what some people refer to as “one of those days.”

Well, Saturday morning I went for a 10-mile long run and had one of those days of my own. If there was water anywhere near, I might have pulled a Daly and tossed my running shoes into it.

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“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”  -Vivian Greene


Blame it on the Rain!

When I was little and after playing would come inside covered from head to toe in mud, my mother would look to the sky and say “Sometimes I wonder if you have the common sense to come in out of the rain.”

Well mom, 35 or so years later I can finally give you a definitive response to your query.

The answer is an unequivocal “No.”

In fact, as I’ve gotten older… and allegedly more mature… I actually am doing my damnedest to look for the rain (literal and figurative) and storm out into it like I’m reenacting the “Charge of the Light Brigade”…without quite as much artillery, mind you.

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It’s kinda like that. Ouch!

RUNNER: “Your nipples might bleed.”

ME: “Can you say that again?”

RUNNER: “Your nipples might bleed.”

ME: “My nipples might what?”

RUNNER: “Bleed.”

ME: “Bleed?”

RUNNER: “Bleed.”

ME: “$%#@”

That was me just before my first 8-mile run back in 2008 when I was told that I should probably get some kind of nipple protection. I was thinking, “What the hell kind of sport am I getting into where my nipples might start dripping blood like a pair of synchronized leaky faucets.” Got a mental picture, didn’t you?

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