This past week at the PGA Championship, veteran golfer (and golf fashion nightmare) John Daly played a hole he’d rather forget.

He should have gotten a penalty for those pants.

He should have gotten a penalty for those pants.

During the second round on the par 3 10th hole, Daly put a trio of balls in the water to score a “septuple” bogey (that’d be a 10). He responded by hurling his club into Lake Michigan.

Basically he had what some people refer to as “one of those days.”

Well, Saturday morning I went for a 10-mile long run and had one of those days of my own. If there was water anywhere near, I might have pulled a Daly and tossed my running shoes into it.

So how did things go off the rails? It was a myriad of muck.

For starters, SoCal is in the middle of a heat advisory this weekend. And me and heat are not very good running buddies (I prefer his friend “cool and cloudy”).

Even though I got out pretty early, hitting Griffith Park at 7am, the temperature was already in the mid to upper 70s (on it’s way up to 54 bajillion degrees).



And since I’m only a week or so removed from getting over an icky chest cold, my fitness level was already “a bit less than optimal” (okay, that’s being generous). Couple that with warm weather and I figured it would be a bit tougher than normal.

To make matters worse, at mile 3 my iPod informed me that its battery was low. And since there tend to be very few charging stations out on the road (and I left my 10 mile extension cord at home) I was a bit out of luck. I hoped that the charge would last long enough for me to finish my run. Nope. Not even close.

About 2 miles later my iPod battery breathed its last and I was left to run to the melodic sound of my heavy breathing. It’s got a good beat, but you certainly can’t dance to it.

So I continued trudging along, having a rather sucky time, not to mention that I felt an odd sensation on my chest.  RELAX, not that kind of pain at all.

Let’s just say things were feeling a bit “ouchy” on both sides of my torso. Now, I wear nip guards to help with nipple chafing and they do a good job… when they stay on that is.

I reached down and to my horror discovered that both nip guards were MIA. Turns out that that sticky adhesive hadn’t really adhered today (due to heavy sweating and me being a bit of hairy boy) and both nip guards decided to protect my nipples by falling off. Thanks guys.

Like this, but with nipples.

Like this, but with nipples.

Knowing that my nubbins had been going “commando” for several sweaty and cheese-gratery miles, I dreaded knowing how bad they were.

So I looked down.


Now, I could have posted a picture of what my shirt looked like, but even I have limits. Let’s just say that if I was wearing a smiley faced T-shirt, it would have looked it had two utterly bloodshot eyes.

Add all this together and you’ve got a big sack of suck.

Come 6 and a half miles, my body and spirit were done for the day. Too bad I was still 3 and a half miles away from my car.

So doing a run/walk combo (far far more walk than run) I made my way back to my auto.

Stock photo, but you get the idea.

Stock photo, but you get the idea.

I felt pretty lousy to be honest.

And that’s when I got a bit of perspective.

A car parked near mine had been broken into and their passenger window was smashed. My car was untouched.

Suddenly my run didn’t seem quite so sucky.

So, I’ll be back at it come Monday with a positive attitude… and a fresh pair of nip guards.

Hide your belongings… and Run on!

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  1. Keep at it, my friend, it’ll all come back. And yeah, there’s nothing like some fresh perspective to keep things real. Funny, we had a similar experience this weekend. I ran the America’s Finest City Half yesterday (great race, if you haven’t run that one, do) and for the first time ever, I violated the “nothing new on race day” rule. I’d packed a dark burgundy shirt for the race, but since the temperature was supposed to be scorching, I decided to go with a lighter color — which required a trip to the San Diego Sport Chalet. Well, I typically don’t bother with Body Glide for a half marathon (you see where this is headed), and throughout the course there were friendly kids dousing runners with Super Soakers and what not (which was appreciated). This made the shirt heavy and wet, and caused the predictable reflex in the pectoral region. This was unnoticed by me throughout the race. So I get to the finish line, meet up with the wife, and she looks at my chest and says, “Hey. You’re bleeding.” Sure enough. Made for an interesting perusal of my pictures on Marathonfoto this morning.

    So what’s the next race for you?

    • Thanks for the note Chris. Congrats on the AFC Half (saw your posted pics and time). That whole bloody nip thing is no fun. I’ve had repeated instances of my nip guards falling off, so I’m looking to try something new. My next half up is REVEL Big Cottonwood in Salt Lake on Sep. 12, although I might do the Conquer The Bridge 5-miler in San Pedro the week before (if I’m in town). How about you?

  2. Going big. 26.2 at Long Beach on October 11th. Nothing like marathon training in August in the desert. But I have to admit, I’m seeing positive results. With yesterday’s time, it’s my first stretch of four straight sub-2:00 half marathons, and I’ve now come in below the “Mendoza line” in seven of my last eight. 1:55 is becoming more common. My next half is November 8 (Big Sur) and I’m shooting to break 1:53 for a PR.

    • Very cool. I think I’ll be skipping the Long Beach half this year (got two other races already lined up for October). And kudos on trudging along with training in August. Congrats on the constant sub 2:00 halfs (I’m still chasing to break that mark). And I’m sure you’ll have a blast at Big Sur. I’ve been wanting to do either the half or full there.

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