Roadkill... pretty much how I felt yesterday around mile 22.

Roadkill… pretty much how I felt yesterday around mile 22.

Just a brief post today as I analyze, ponder and pontificate about yesterday’s LA Marathon. I’m thinking about what went right, what went wrong and how I’d do it differently if I had it to do all over again.

And still agonizing over that bloody heat.

I’m also going to do my best to avoid the “Post marathon blues” (it’s a real thing) as you come to grips with the fact that the event you’ve been training for and planning for months has now come and gone. The pictures are posted, and my newest race medal is up on the wall with his brothers and sisters.

The thing I’ll miss most now that the LA Marathon is over is not meeting up with my T2 family every Saturday morning for that week’s training session. I truly looked forward to seeing the gang from “Team Roadkill” and the rest of the T2 group as we hit the road together.

Now, I’ll be running solo for the foreseeable future and also working to improve on various aspects of my running form and conditioning.

Fortunately, there’s no time to rest on my marathon laurels, as I’m less than a month away from my next race, The Hollywood Half Marathon on April 5th. It’s also less than two months until I tackle my next full marathon, The OC Marathon on May 4th… not to mention the other dozen or so upcoming races on my 2014 calendar.

So, as I hobble around today wearing my LA Marathon shirt (which is now earned) I leave you with a great “commercial” that pretty much sums up how I feel today.

Run on!

(LA Marathon review coming tomorrow)

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  1. Another marathon in 2 months… w-o-w.
    I also have a race on April 5th, just a 10K though.

  2. I have seen the London Flora commercial before-funny! I should have confirmed your other page referencing 5 LA Marathons completed, but we’ll probably be “mind melding” concerning the improvements as you have been there on the other growing pain LA Marathons. In any case, I will be at the Hollywood Half and the OC marathon, so we may cross paths. Meanwhile I have two other full marathon planned (Modesto and Griffith Park Trail), prior to the Hollywood Half. See you out there.

    • Hey Eddie…I’m sorry I missed you at LA, but I’ll be there at Hollywood Half and for the HF photo. And OC will be race #2 in my 3 races in 3 months strategy to become a “Double Agent.”

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