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We are T2!

Okay, so my runner’s OCD started kicking in yesterday and I’m sure it will be ramping up exponentially until the race starts on Sunday.

So, I’ve already started my race prep… tapering/hydrating, laundry done, gathering gear, reading instructions, checking on the weather and starting on a 5-hour music mix.

I’m on the fence as to whether or not I’ll hit the expo this afternoon or go Saturday morning. I’d prefer today, but it depends on the old work schedule.

Tonight I have the “Triumph/Carbo-load” dinner at Maggiano’s with my running group Team To End AIDS (T2). More on that and photos to boot, later.

But I wanted to start my prep by throwing out a number (as I’ve been harping on numbers all week). And it’s by far the most impressive number I’ll mention.




No, that’s not how much money RunDisney is charging for their newest race.

This figure represents the amount of money raised by the T2 runners (“The Happy 100”) during the 2014 LA Marathon training season.

Each week since October (20 weeks total), our running group (aided by the greatest coaching and support staff there is) has pounded the pavement together, racking up over 350 miles with runs ranging from 5 – 23 miles.

And all the while, we’ve been working to raise funds to support APLA (AIDS Project Los Angeles), hitting up friends/family/local businesses and holding fundraising events.

For those who don’t know exactly what APLA does, they are involved with people whose lives are impacted by HIV/AIDS. APLA supplies information, guidance, counseling and education, but also so much more… from providing food assistance to low-income individuals with the Necessities of Life Program to dental care, mental and home health programs.

And $160,000 will do a lot of good for a lot of people in need.

For instance, $10 will buy a bag of groceries for someone (and that may be the only food they receive in a week). And for those who are uncertain where to turn for help, APLA is there to show you that you don’t have to face HIV/AIDS alone.

Run on T2!

Run on T2!

Last week I was at the grocery store wearing a T2 shirt when the cashier said she didn’t hear much about AIDS any more. I reminded here that even though they’ve made advances in treatment and people are living longer, we still have a long way to go until we finally “end” HIV/AIDS once and for all.

But tonight, the members of T2 will gather to celebrate the hard work done by the runners in preparing for the marathon, spreading awareness of HIV/AIDS and helping APLA in its ongoing mission.

$160,000 raised to help those in need… sounds like a damn good reason to celebrate to me.

Run on!

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  1. That’s quite an impressive number. You guys should be really proud. 🙂

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