Bring on the grub!

Last night the runners and support staff for Team To End AIDS (T2) met at Maggiano’s for our carbo-load dinner… our “Triumph party.”

And it was quite the celebration.

About 100 of us gathered in one of the large party rooms marveling at what we each look like dressed in real clothes… and damn, we cleaned up pretty darn well.

It was a 2 ½ party as we celebrated the training season and got necessary information for tomorrow’s race. The food was good and plenty (we were a ravenous bunch).

In addition, we applauded to the highest fund raisers and gave thanks to the wonderful support staff, coaches assistants and pace group leaders who kept everything running smoothly this season.

And I need to update a number. The other day I said that T2 had currently raised $160,000… an impressive number. What I didn’t say was that our Team’s goal for the year was $175,000. Well, as of 7pm last night here’s where the number stood:

$178,000 (and still climbing).

With the dinner and pep talk over, Ashley had one more thing to share with us, a video chronicling our journey this season. I’d happily like to share these images of my running family with you:

With that our “triumph party” came to a close (with plenty of hugs). And I won’t see my running family again until… well, tomorrow at O’ Dark Thirty when we all meet up at Dodger Stadium to tear up the streets of Los Angeles. T2!

And now I’m off to the marathon expo… more later.

Run on!

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  1. Even better! Awesome job!

  2. Awesome Scotty! Have a great race tomorrow! xox

  3. Impressive fundraising!

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