Left my Superman shirt at home.

Earlier this week I wrote a post in preparation for the inevitable deluge that was sure to turn our final pre-LA Marathon taper run into a swim or at the very least an 8-mile game of “dodge the puddles.”

And sure enough, it did pour in LA this week. Between Wednesday and today, the City of Angeles has been subject to the heavens repeatedly opening up and inundating us with sheets of pounding precipitation. Of course the rest of the country would describe the cataclysmic cloudbursts slightly different… it rained.

All kidding aside, we needed the rain to help the drought conditions. So while we did get a nice drink of water, Los Angeles is still quite thirsty.

As I went to sleep last night to the sound of rain pitter-pattering on the roof, I wondered for today’s run if I should use my regular shoes, break out an old pair or just wear some flippers (don’t worry, they match the snorkel).

When I woke up this morning, however, the rain was seemingly on hold… or “buffering” to use the modern Internet vernacular. The threatening skies, though, convinced me to be prepared lest I be dumped upon.

So I pulled my “retired” shoes out of the closet for one last victory dance, tossed on a rain shell and made my way to Griffith Park to meet up with the T2 crew.



This was our final run together for the training season, because next Sunday is M-Day… next Sunday “Sh#t gets real.” Today was just a simple 8-mile jaunt along a familiar route, to help us taper for the race to come. We were given plenty of details about next week’s marathon, but as we listened to JC give his prep and pep talk, each of us was repeatedly glancing upward wondering when Mother Nature would have at us.

With course map in hand and sixteen runners strong, our “10-minute” pace group (“Team Roadkill”) hit the streets of Griffith Park. Conversations covered next Sunday’s race, preparations and looking ahead to races later in the year. Yes, we’re all a dedicated/crazy bunch o’ runners.

But the rain didn’t come. And as the miles ticked off, every time someone mentioned the lack of moisture falling from the sky, we were quick to hush them to make sure we didn’t offend the running gods.

And then at Mile 6, it happened. It rained… for about 5 seconds. Yup, just long enough for us to go “Here it comes.” And then there it went.

Today we’d have no stories about running two-by-two as we made our way to the ark. No tales about near fatal butt-crack chafing or having to do the backstroke home. Nope, just a great final run with my friends as we look forward to our victory run next week.

After eight miles (or the “ocho”), we made our way back to base camp and gathered round for one more group photo. We’ll see plenty of each other next weekend… “Triumph” carbo-load dinner Friday night, expo on Saturday and we’ll meet up well before dawn next Sunday to prep for the race. But this is the last time we’ll run together as a group. I’ll miss that.

I’ll miss that very much.

So, I made my way back to my SUV to run some errands. Shortly after I left the park, it started raining for real and it’s been pouring all day.

I guess the running gods decided to do us a solid this morning after all. Much appreciated.

Run on!

(8 Days until the LA Marathon)

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  1. You got so lucky it didn’t rain on you.
    Great team picture, must be so cool to have a group to run with, carb load, and talk about running.

    • Staying dry is nice. And thanks for the shout out to my pace group “Team Roadkill.” There’s approximately 20 of us in our pace group and almost 100 on the T2 training tea (all of us who will be pounding the pavement together on marathon day). They are a tremendous group of people and I consider myself so fortunate to call them my friends.

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