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The Los Angeles Marathon is one week from today, and every post this week will be about the “Stadium to the sea” run and my preparations (and trepidations) for it.

Today I wanted to take a moment to say “thank you” to a special group, that I’ve dubbed “My Thirty.”

As part of Team To End AIDS (T2), my goal is to help increase awareness and raise funds to support AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA). Last October I began my fundraising, asking everyone within the sound of my voice (or within the reach of my Facebook) to help contribute to this worth cause.

And boy, did I bug everybody. Every few days I’d put up another post on Facebook or tell friends about my upcoming run (you know, the one in five months). And while I’m sure some people chose to “hide” my comments, this group of wonderful people not only tolerated my ramblings, but also chose to “put their money where my mouth is.”

My Thirty stepped forward to support this cause… to support me.

Just like a NASCAR racer relies on their pit crew to complete the 500 miles of Daytona, My Thirty are my pit crew… my emotional support… to aid me through 26.2.

So, I just wanted to introduce you to My Thirty:

Team to End AIDS

We are T2!

Thank you!

  • Kevin and Elizabeth Caine
  • Laura Curtis
  • Ruth Dalton
  • Susan Dawes & Family
  • The Diaz Family
  • Misty & Paul Dini
  • Hedy Eischeid
  • Melissa Friedman
  • Gregory Goulet
  • Gina Hall
  • Patricia Iaccarino
  • JM Kenny & Family
  • Travis Langley
  • Jeff & Sarah Lerner
  • Andrea Letamendi
  • The Logue Family
  • Bryan Mack
  • Brandy Markovich
  • Jennifer Myers
  • Scott Porter
  • Stephanie Purmort
  • Holly Scheideler
  • Jill Schlesinger
  • Jim Stillmank
  • Shannon Thompson
  • Kathy Tishler
  • The Trinkner Family
  • Mary Washington
  • Roberta Weingarten
  • Debra Welebny

Next Sunday, I don’t just run for me… I run for you. I run because you believed in me. You will be with me and in my thoughts with every step I take. You give me strength to start and determination to finish. And I am humbly grateful for your love and support. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

WE Run on!

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  1. Kind of awesome post Scotty. You are one of the good guys!

  2. You KNOW I’ve got your back, no matter what. xoxo

  3. You should be so proud. Raising money is hard work and you are doing it!

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