What a pair.

Yesterday I did a little bit of prep work for Sunday’s LA Marathon.

Did I squeeze in some cardio and core work at the gym?


Did I hit the track for a little bit of speed work?

Negatory, good buddy.

Did I run a few miles at Griffith Park to get an early jump on the week?

That would be “no.”

So, what exactly did I do to start getting myself ready for the 26.2 “Stadium to the Sea” race?

I got a pedicure and manicure.


Pamper me!

I’ll pause until the rest of the guys out there quit laughing.

Still waiting.

Little bit more.

Okay, enough already dudes.

As runners know, your feet take a pounding week in and week out, just like the rest of your body. So, it only makes sense to give them some TLC (and polish too, I guess).

After Saturday’s run, I noticed my feet were a little haggard and callused, not to mention the nails needed a good trimming. I also have a nasty tendency to get ingrown toenails (apparently I should register my toenail clippers as a lethal weapon), so I decided to leave my cuticle and nail maintenance to the professionals.


Lefty and Righty!

Now I know plenty of runners who avoid the pedicurist like the plague because they don’t want to wear away their hard-earned calluses. I totally understand that and I even told the pedicurist today to basically leave mine in peace.

But after 30 minutes of soaking, clipping, digging, buffing and massaging (oh yes, massaging) my feet look great (or as great as my ugly feet can possibly look). They feel completely refreshed and ready to endure the pounding I plan to put them through in six days. If you are wary about doing anything prior to race day, I suggest you treat yourself to pedicure after the race as a way to “make nice” with your feet.

Oh, and I mentioned I got a manicure too. What does that have to do with foot care you might wonder?

Absolutely nothing.

What, a guy can’t have his hands look nice for the ladies?

Run on!

(6 days until the LA Marathon)

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  1. Can the girls laugh too? 🙂
    Just kidding. Good for you! Your feet (and hands) definitely need some care, and good thing you did it a few days in advance, nothing worse than a race with ‘just trimmed’ nails.
    You should have done a close up of the final result.

    • The girls do seem to like to chuckle at me… but that’s okay, I’ve got some thick skin (apparently some of it was on my feet too). And I don’t like the look of my own feet so I certainly wouldn’t subject you to it. Let’s just say I feel nice an dainty… and ready to run.

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